Japanese Carrier-based Planes During Sneak Attack

  • This is probably a dumb question but I wanted to see how everyone else handles this rule. I was playing a game of version 3 and was planning on sneak attacking the American fleet that was all clumped up in sz 64. I had placed my ships either in sz 56 or 99. When I attacked, my opponent pointed out that the aircraft on the carriers in sz 56 couldnt participate because the aircraft have only 4 movement whereas my fleet carriers had 5 because of the major shipyard and surprise attack. I was wondering if there were different carrier rules in gw36 that I’m missing that would allow the planes to attack with their carriers or do I just need to get long range aircraft in order to pull this maneuver off.

    P.S we are using the carrier rules from AA global40 where ships on carriers immediately launch from carriers during their combat movement in order to prevent slingshotting the planes really far. We are happy with this rule in gw36 as well but in this particular situation we were conflicted. Thanks!

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    @Boardgame-Medic I’ll start by saying I am not fully versed in the V3 beta rules just yet. But, if it plays like V2 and, as you mention AA1940, your attack would not be possible in the way you mention. The aircraft themselves need to have the movement points to get there and then safely land somewhere. And of course, your planes can’t even reach SZ64 from SZ56.

    I’m also pretty sure planes in SZ99 couldn’t reach either. I think that is also 5 movement points away. But again, I do not yet have the V3 map. I’m just looking at the version that can be viewed on HBG’s website. It’s quite possible the final product is a bit different, or I’m having a hard time seeing the movement!

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