• Hi all,

    I want to order flight stands on HBG, but I’m curious how many you actually need. I was thinking about 45 of 25mm stands for fighters and tactical bombers. And about 25 stands of 35mm for strategic bombers.

    Whay do you guys think?

  • This is for A&A G40.

  • If you wanted to put every single aircraft on stands, G40 has 50 bombers, 66 tactical bombers and 88 fighters.

    That’s a lot of stands and you probably don’t need to do every single one (I personally feel if you add a magnet to each aircraft piece and have enough stands for most situations, you’re set).

    I haven’t figured out an exact count yet, so someone else might be able to chime in with a better idea but I would think 20-30 bombers (35mm) and 50-60 fighter/tac stands (25mm) would be a great setup (though probably excessive in most cases).

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