How safe is your vacation destination. Compare Iraq…

    NYSun newspaper circulation in 2003 was 45,000.  Sorry, those who only read the NYT or London Times, but sometimes they miss the truth.  Sometimes they don’t even print it…goog…NYT, lies, distortions, mistakes, cover ups.

    Spinning The Reality Of Iraq War
    May 16, 2006

    It’s that time of year when New Yorkers start making their summer vacation plans. Renting a place in the Hamptons? Nah, been there, done that. How about a Parisian jaunt? Noooo. Too many riots. Well, how about visiting a country that’s ancient, historic, beautiful and exotic - Iraq? Sure, there’s a little war going on there, but when you look at the violent death statistics in the world, it’s safer than a number of other popular travel destinations. Believe it or not.

    I happened to catch Rep. Steve King, a Republican of Iowa, on C-span last week and he rattled off some startling figures that demonstrate how off-base journalists are when it comes to reporting on the war in Iraq. According to Mr. King, …
    the violent death rate in Iraq is 25.71 per 100,000.

    That may sound high, but not when you compare it to places like…
    Colombia (61.7),
    South Africa (49.6),
    Jamaica (32.4), and
    Venezuela (31.6).

    How about the violent death rates in American cities?
    New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina was 53.1.

    FBI statistics for 2004-05 have…
    Washington at 45.9,
    Baltimore at 37.7, and
    Atlanta at 34.9 .

    Death on vacation anyone???

    Notice we don’t hear about this in the news!!

    In Truth NEWS


    NEWS Truthfully.

  • Not so impressive EJ . . . especially given that these numbers are for places not known to be war-zones and therefore are not as avoided by “westerners”.  At the same time, you’ve just mentioned the other most dangerous places in the world . . .
    Take Columbia for example - when my uncle was the consulate general to Den Hague, he drove a Golf, by himself.  When he was ambassador to Columbia he rode around in an 8 ton minivan with 2 chase cars and had 3 armed guards with m16’s.  Still, this place is not closed down to westerners/tourists - just try an influx of westerners to the degree that visit Columbia in Iraq and you’d see something pretty different. 
    South Africa - too many stories.  The Lebanese ambassador left there to go home to Beruit because of how dangerous Johannesburg was, for example.  Still, i’m planning to visit Capetown for a conference, and it is a very popular tourist destination. 
    Again - try applying similar tourism rates to Iraq that apply to S.A. and you will find it quite a diffent story. 
    Finally - that death rate is not told us in a “per year” vs. “per day”.  With 30 000 civilians and over 2000 US army and how many Iraqi solders? killed in a nation of roughly 30 million people, that would make for over about a 1000 per 100 000 death rate since the war began.  This is a little larger than your truthful news source.

  • Actually, the White House itself admitted to an “estimate” of 35,000 Iraqi dead, and that was BEFORE the massive rise in violence earlier this year.

    Also, you cannot draw a paralle between an nation and a single city.  If you want to use NTC numbers, then be sure to add in the rest of New York… and Jersey and Pennsylvania… to get to comparable population figures.

    If you want to use DC, then add Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

    As for Columbia… that IS a war zone, and has been for decades.  Venezuala?  Civil War for more than a year.  South Africa?  Tribal vengeances that can now be settled after decades of suppression.  Jamaica?  Sounds like some folks need to have a few bong hits…

    Now, how about some comparisons to comparable “civilized” areas in terms of population?
    What is the rate for England?  Germany?

    Hell how about even a comparison to other Muslim Insurgency areas like Chechnya?

  • Not my #s…
    just my emphasis!


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