Play by Forum game - Selecting casualties

  • Quick question about the play by forum mode of Triple A. I started a game and set all teams to ‘human’

    I see that when I am playing the game I select casualties for both teams. Is this normal and are players just expected to select casualties on an honor system basis?


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    @trent15 Yes this is the normal behaviour. Your are obliged to choose casualtites as careful and reasonable as possible. Choose them for your opponent the same reasonable way as you would choose them for yourself.

    In case of doubt ask your opponent before you continue a game.
    Also, in some cases you would want to ask your opponent for his OOL (Order of loss) before you roll any dice.

    In case you would incorrectly or irrationally choose your opponent has the right to object. Most of the times this results in a reroll.

    This has been working pretty fine for years.

  • Great, I just wanted to make sure I had it set up correctly! Thanks for the quick reply!

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    @trent15 good day. That is how it works . For big battles , it is best to ask your opponent his choice of casualties, however . Although, You could establish a few basic rules, before you start playing and it is always politeness to ask whether your opponent wants to scramble.
    Enjoy your games.

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