• Dear fellow A&A players,

    I have now played a few (50+) matches online and I have noticed that I struggle the most with the role and objectives of the UK. I find it hard to strike a balance between holding India and still support the USA by pressuring Germany (KGF). My question to more experienced playeres are:

    • What is your opening buy and what does it depend on? My current opening consists of a Fighter in UK and a mix of 3 Infantry/Artillery/Tanks to India. Going cheap in India gives the option to spend more on UK2 for vessels in Europe, but I find it also releases pressure of Japan.
    • The following are three options that I played around with:
      A) Kill transport and destroyer with Carrier and Cruiser, kill submarine near Pearl Harbor with Cruiser and submarine in order to soften the blow against the USA. Take transport and fighter to support northern african forces.
      B) Go all in and try to kill as much of the fleet on seazone 37 (don’t like that one myself, but it’s quite annoying to play against)
      C) Merge your split naval fleets in seazone 30
      Are these viable tactics or complete bollocks?
      Another general point I want to touch on is: what to do if Japan signals that it’s coming for India? Obviously UK cannot hold India if Japan wants to seize it, but the question remains how much effort should be put into defending India and if so how? Throw in 3x Infantry every round and hope for the best or actually pay some decent IPCs (mixing in tanks and fighters) to make the struggle harder?

    Let me know what you think

  • The ideal buy for UK1 is 3 inf, 1 carrier, 1 destroyer. This creates a UK navy round 1 that can start trading with Germany round 2. If this is not possible, 3 units and fighters. Always buy 3 land units in India if at all possible. This priority is above even creating a UK navy.

    A key point about defending India is that UK fighters should be sent within reach of landing in India round 3. Ideally landing West Russia round 2. With 3 purchases in india Round 1-3 and all available fighters arriving in india, Allies can usually hold.

    Hit sz61 with a fighter and cruiser. All other exchanges in the Pacific are unfavorable round 1. Better to wait until round 3 when US fleet is in Pacific (assuming it’s a KJF). Uk can either merge with USA fleet or trade east Indies round 3.

  • Great advise! Shifting fighters from UK to India wasn’t in my playbook yet. I will definetely adopt this move!

    Three more questions just came to my head:

    • What do you do with the rest of your navy at the coast of India if the cruiser and fighter are sent to sz 61? The carrier is doomed unless placed in seazone 33 and even there it can be reached by the fighters from the Japanes navy.
      Since Germany usually puts pressure on north Africa (most of the time attacking Trans-Jordan G1) I like to ferry 1 inf from India and 1 inf from Persia to Egypt. The transport is a lost after that maneuver most of the time obviously. Is that a reasonable move or should I try to hold on to India as much as possible and leave Africa to the Germans?
    • This is a detailed one: what do you do with your one infantry unit in Burma? Send it to support the 2 US infantry in Yunnan and hope to slow down the Japanese’s way to India or send it straight to India and just let the two US units take the beating?
    • What is your plan with the transport near Australia? I like to pick up one inf form Australia, the next one from New Zealand and ferry them to either Westafrica or perhaps even European shores.
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    @meterpaffay Not the person who initially replied but to answer your questions:

    • I used to like attacking the Japanese fleet off of DEI but recently I’ve started preferring to send that fleet through the Suez Canal to wipe out the German Mediterranean navy instead. It’s better odds and you have a good chance of keeping the fleet alive long enough to have it link up with the main Atlantic UK Fleet (or support the Americans).

    • India. You need to be sending as much as you can to India against a good Japan player or they’ll take it. Once India goes down, unless you’ve made significant progress in beating Germany, the Axis are probably going to win the game via Japan building 3 Tanks a turn in India and pummeling Caucasus.

    • I like sending it to Solomon Islands to deny Japan a place to land its air force, but your ideas are good too (unless Japan kills the transport before it can go anyway). You can also have the Transport hang out in the South Pacific and force Japan to always keep some navy around so you don’t snipe DEI or Borneo unexpectedly. You may also want to outright send it to India to help stack.

    P.S. My buy is more-or-less the same as what @Boston_NWO posted, buy I may be a second destroyer instead of the 2 INF if Germany bought navy.

  • Building a bunch of tanks in India with Japan is a bad idea. It’s really easy for Russia to hold this off and trade infantry for tanks indefinitely. I see it a lot though. Tank spam in Asia from Japan. It doesn’t work in my games, but maybe it’s working against weaker Allied play.

  • @meterpaffay said in How to play UK:

    • The following are three options that I played around with:
      A) Kill transport and destroyer with Carrier and Cruiser, kill submarine near Pearl Harbor with Cruiser and submarine in order to soften the blow against the USA. Take transport and fighter to support northern african forces.

    Just a note on that move: it’ll only work at the lower levels of play, where people don’t always set their Japanese sub to submerge as the round 1 defence profile. I’ve found that as you go up the rankings, the UK can almost never kill that sub.

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    @ericb I don’t see how it’s “easy” for USSR to hold off tank pressure from India while managing to not die to Germany, unless you’re not taking India in your games until like round 5 and you’re also playing against a 100% KGF from the Allies.

  • @domanmacgee Yeah it’s a 100% KGF, and usually India can hold on until at least round 4 or so. If Japan goes for India it pretty much hands central Asia to Russia. Once the UK and US contain Germany, then Russia can focus totally on Japan. Eventually Japan will wear down Russia, but if Japan is building all tanks then Russia can hold them off indefinitely trading tanks for infantry.

    The UK can also assist with Japan using the units that retreated from India and possibly bringing in more via Karelia.

    Sometimes I get games where Germany just keeps coming at Russia despite the Allies being able to take Berlin. When this happens the UK or US takes Berlin and Moscow may fall as well. After that, the Allies build a Pacific fleet and go take Hawaii and Philippines, then either get Russia or India for the win.

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    @ericb I can agree with you that, in the situation you outlined where India holds until J4 (and thus, Japan isn’t building out of the India factory until J5), Japan building Tanks is a waste of time. That being said, Japan not taking India until tun 4 in the face of a 100% KGF from the Allies seems like either bad Japan play or really bad dice luck.

    Either way, this side-conversation has little to do with the main point I was trying to make in my initial post. Losing India means losing center map control, which means that Japan becomes an IPC monster and (assuming your Germany Play is competent), the Axis gain economic superiority and can just do a good-old-fashion INF push to slowly strangle the Allies and win the long game.

  • @domanmacgee i want to point out that in about 60 percent of my games as axis I dont take india as japan until round 8 or later. Often Moscow falls before India does in my games. Build a factory and infantry push to moscow, and Allies are stuck with 10-20 units in india doing absolutely nothing.

    India is this shiny object for many intermediate Japan players. It is a very risky play. The round 3 timing is the strongest point and even then favors Allies by 3-4 units. As Japan, I wait for an allies mistake like overextending africa, misposition russia, misposition uk fighterd before I even consider

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    @boston_nwo This is true at a high level but the specific scenario that was being discussed in this thread is how to respond to a 100% KGF. What initially spawned this conversation is that I was arguing that, to play UK correctly, you should put effort into fortifying India lest it fall. Of course the correct response to this as Japan is to simply go around India, but are you suggesting that, in a scenario where India is sparsely defended, that you should ignore the free 6 IPC swing + factory two tiles away from Caucasus and opt for the slow, methodical route anyway?

  • @domanmacgee I usually go directly for Russia as Japan in KGF. In my earlier post, I described exactly the kinds of Allies misplays that would motivate me to consider taking India round 3. In the first 5 rounds, I don’t seriously consider attempting India any round other than round 3 unless something really crazy happens. Round 3 is Japan’s power spike where japan’s starting units in Japan are fully deployed.

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    @marineiguana Sounds like me more-or-less agree then. If you’re not getting into India J3 then that probably means UK fortified it correctly (and didn’t go on any adventures in SEA/the money islands), and thus India is not worth the cost of taking it.

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