[1942.2] Air bases bunkers and additional buildings.

  • What are people’s rules for air bases and bunkers/fortifications? I am looking to put both of these in an extreme Axis and Allies 1942.2 rule set. I am thinking loosely that air bases cost 3 IPC’s, you can only fly planes on these but can move them without a base about one space per turn. Bunkers cost five, and add one die to arty and infantry. Also, a thing to consider is railroads. This is based off of the Trans-Siberian railroad national advantage from revised edition. You can build these for 3 or 4 IPC’s, and it increases a units movement by 1 space(except planes that are flying; you dirtbag…). If any of you have rules for these please post them below.

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    this is for the global game but may still be of interest.

    1. “Bunkers” Adds the NWO Bunker unit. Bunkers are a A0 D3 M0 C5 2-hit unit. They require one of the following units for placement: Infantry, Militia, Elite, Marine and Mech Infantry. If combat damaged they also require one of the previous units to be present to repair. Bunkers may be bombed by SBR’s. They are destroyed when reaching 5 damage. They will function normally with 4 damage. SBR damage is repaired the same as Infrastructure damage. They will fire AA shots at SBR Bombers the same as other Infrastructure. You may place a minimum of 1 Bunker per territory. If the territory has a PU value you may place a total number of Bunkers equal to the territory value. May only place 1 Bunker per territory per turn.
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    “Bunkers” Adds the NWO Bunker unit. Bunkers are a

    What is an NWO Bunker, and is it a physical piece placed on the game board? If it is a physical piece, did you make them or buy them?


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    NWO is the “New World Order” game on triplea. I just added them for house rules for global 40. So yea digital. Idk who did the artwork for them. Here’s Germany:

    bunker.png bunker_hit.png

    I seem to remember one of the gaming sites offering them for the physical board but i couldn’t say for sure. I think maybe @vodot may have made one with a 3d printer but idk

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