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  • This is aimed at Axis players as I play Axis exclusively. I have a tough time coming back if the opening Soviet move is successful. I build the standard 11 Inf and 2 Arty trying to max out units and build up Byelorussia but I feel like I cant get the right mass of strength before Germany is getting besieged on the Western front. It seems to easy for Allies to pack Moscow with stacks of fighters so any attack is like a buzzsaw. Curious how you recover from a successful Soviet opening move.

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    If USA commits towards the Atlantic, recognize that germany’s main goal is to survive. Try to maximize infantry purchases each round with rare exception. Trading territories back and forth very efficiently is okay, but avoid large trades such as trading germany air for Allied navy.

    Check every round whether allies can safely stack Northeast Europe or France. It’s absolutely critical to calculate this each round and have enough units in reach to prevent this. You don’t actually have to occupy France and in many cases occupying France is inefficient.

    Try to position to stack Karelia and check every round if you’re able to. Getting UK and US bottled up in Sweden is a very common way that axis wins.

    Japan buying mostly infantry and tanks will be able to start trading with Russia starting round 3 around kazakh. Japan with starting air can trade very efficiently, and this weakens Russia. Japan should focus on expanding income. Taking india is not necessary and in many cases suboptimal for Japan to try.

  • I’m curious what territory you like to stack in G1 and G2, assuming R1 takes W. Russia and takes/strafes Ukraine?

    I’m usually torn between stacking Karelia on G1 or taking it light (if possible) and stacking Baltic or Poland. Poland seems more versatile, but Baltic allows me to trade Karelia.

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    R1: Stack Karelia if possible. If not, tanks in Poland, infantry in baltic. Aim to threaten to stack Karelia R2 and onwards. Completely evacuate from France.

    Germany if Allies commit to killing Germany is actually remarkably easy.

    Each round, ensure that allies can’t stack france or Northwest Territories. Second, stack Karelia if possible and otherwise position in poland and baltic to aim to stack next round. Avoid engaging in any battles. 15-20 rounds later, Allies are forced to move from Moscow or take a -200 battle.

  • Awesome, thank you.

  • @Boston_NWO Do you recommend abandoning France from round 1? Saw a couple tough Allied strats in round 2 of the online season. The one I remember most is Russian just does mass attack on round 1 on West Russia, leaves big stack there with Ten Infantry Russian Tank force, and arty. He left a grunt in Caucusus which I could take on round 1 but wouldnt hold (I did take). I was able to take Karelia but allies never let me hold it I would take it on then lose it to either Russia on their second turn or British Amhib assault. My first turn purchase with Germany was to buy Infantry and additional bomber. I was out of Africa buy German third turn, and believe my battleship and transport was destroyed on British first turn.

  • Axis first turn (situational of course) Hitting the north sea fleet? If the Russian sub is there do you go in with all subs, 2 fighters and cruiser? or do you send one sub to hit Americans or Brits in North America?

    German purchase round 1, my standard purchase if Russia wins the Ukraine and West Russia battle is 11 infantry and 2 arty, If they dont hit Ukraine I usually buy an additional bomber and the rest infantry, not sure about this mixed results especially with the way AA rolls seem to hit, but sometimes I find the additional bomber to be useful in keeping Allies buying escorts for the their transports, and possible offensive action in Africa.

    My standard attack with my battleship and transport in the med is to hit Transjordan, take out destroyer with battleship. If I have my bomber I hit transjordan with it and 2 Infantry, if I dont have bomber I hit it with one Inf and one arty. Presuming your battleship and transport survive round 1 do you ever reinforce Africa? I have seen numerous posts saying dont send any additional forces to Africa?

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    Always move all units from France round 1. Allowing Allies to take France for 1 round is surprisingly not that valuable. UK gains 6 income but Germany stacking France the next round is a +2 counter (kills 1 inf, 1/3rd chance of losing an inf). Also I’m must commit enough navy purchase to keep the landing transport safe and forgoes other attractive landing options like Norway.

    If Russia goes west Russia only, Germany should be able to stack Ukraine Round 1 and trade Caucasus.

    Other strong players but air as Germany. I personally aim to produce 15 units every turn if possible. This is usually all infantry with a couple artillery at most. Just based on status, infantry are by far the most broken unit in the game. This has been the case in every version of Axis and Allies but the unit is so common that many people don’t appreciate the brokenness in plain sight.

  • @Boston_NWO said in 1942 2nd Edition (Steam) Genco Harris version:

    Just based on status, infantry are by far the most broken unit in the game. This has been the case in every version of Axis and Allies but the unit is so common that many people don’t appreciate the brokenness in plain sight.

    Don Rae was singing their praises in the 1990s to anyone who would listen: Don’s Axis and Allies Strategic Essays.

    While the advice contained within was tailored to the old, Milton Bradley, version of A&A, the Infantry Push and Dead Zone mechanics are still as effective today as they were 25+ years ago.


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