Should Germany attack Karelia first turn?

  • I was curious if anyone ever has success attacking Karelia the first round as the German player in A&A 1942 SE. Usually as Germany, I try to destroy UKs Atlantic and Mediterranean fleets on the first turn and take Egypt, but that pretty much ties up all the planes.

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    If I remember correctly @Commander_Jen was a big proponent of this tactic. I personally never do it.

  • What are your first moves, usually?

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    Ooops. My bad. I thought this was an AA50 1941 question since you said Germany went first versus Karelia and you had never seen Karelia attacked. As for Spring Edition 1942 I cannot think how Karelia is not attacked and taken on G1.

    Usually on R1 Russia hits West Russia (9 Inf, 2 Art, Tank) and Ukraine (3 Inf, Art, 3 Tank, 2 Ftr) with everything it can and depending on the rolls in Ukraine takes it or retreats their 3 tanks to fight another day. Either way that empties Karelia.

    I guess someone might not go into West Russia heavy if they are willing to risk it and keep at least 5 infantry in Karelia. Add in 2 fighters and 2 infantry reinforcements that gives you 7 infantry with two fighters in defense max. Problem with that the Germans would certainly go all out to kill it and can easily.

    As for Germany 1 I usually take out the UK/Russia fleet in SZ7 and the UK cruiser in SZ14 while counter attacking Russia in Ukraine and taking Karelia. I set up for a G2 attack on Egypt. I do not like the low odds battle for Egypt on G1 (72%) and I really detest the 2% chance that my battleship fails to kill the destroyer. I do not like battles that will lose me the game on Turn 1 if the dice go really badly against me.

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    Attack every time, especially if they try to hold it.

  • I’ve been playing for a few years, but only recently started trying to figure out better strategies. Thanks for the input.

  • Yes, with the amphibious bonus and the tanks it can bring up from Baltic states, and units from adjacent territories, yes. This is an important territory to capture as it opens up the top of the Russian line, it has the added bonus of helping you build units there to take Russia proper. Also bring in the Luftwaffe to help support anything in the European theater. It will help you move a heavy fighting force around fast. In addition to that you will find that you need to move all the tanks in your starting zone to the Russian territories. Tanks are Germany’s best friend, especially in Russia.

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    If I remember correctly, it’s typical for Germany to take Karelia the first round since Russia is not going to have enough force to keep it. The main duty for Russia is to make sure Germany cannot use Karelia’s factory to produce new units next couple rounds, meaning Russia needs to take it back if Germany conquer it. If not Allies will be in difficult position.

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