• Just finished looking at the rules for Version 3, and the changes to the Railways are awesome! I really appreciate the change from standard to broad gauge as you enter the USSR, and the ability to damage them now too through SBR!

    My question: the rules alluded to the potential of building new railways over the course of the game by including “Railroad (Regular and wide gauge)” under 1.4 Facilities [NEW] on page 9 of the PDF file, but didn’t include a price tag. Do they fall under the “Many facilities are shown on the map.” clause, or the “Additional facilities can be built during the game using facilities markers.” clause?

    I’m envisioning the Germans laying down additional track/changing track gauges as they advance along the Eurasian steppe towards Moscow, or of Britain finally completing their long-awaited goal for running a rail line from Cape Town up to Cairo. Non-historically, an American-made Pan-American rail line would free up movement of successfully diplomacied South/Central American countries to load up in American ports on their way to war, and a British-made pan-Middle East line would allow for quick reinforcement of FEC/Cairo depending on the immediate threat.

    Maybe base construction off repair costs already in the rulebook, extra for mountain/jungle/tundra terrain placement, about 2-3 IPP to place/territory? I’m hoping this is real and not just my imagination. 😅

  • @NinjaEskimo012
    Global War rulebook 12.11 tells you how much rail costs. 2IPP for normal terrain 4 IPP for anything else.

    Rail is a great investment for the British along with most other infrastructure.

  • Haha, thought I checked everything before posting, but I was searching “railways” and not “railroads”! Thank you for the assist, my bad! 😅 😁

  • @Dran-Black would you build it in Africa to try and to connect Cairo and South Africa

  • '18 '17 '16

    You have to remember that the rail capacity in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America is only one unit. Linking Egypt and South Africa would only cost 4 IPP so that’s not too bad considering you can only move one unit. Going from India to Egypt though would cost 10 IPP because of the terrain and one more link. That might be too steep a cost to only move 1 unit. It would cost 18 IPP to complete the link from the US to South America. If the rail capacity were unlimited then such links might be ok, but spending that much to move only 1 unit is probably not worth it. Especially a long link that can be damaged or broken by the enemy in an exposed place like the Middle East. I really like the idea of Cape Town to Cairo though.

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