Anyone watch History Channel "The World Wars"?

  • It’s interesting to see what is focused on during the several hours over two episodes. Several times, the macro level story glossed over the details or showed them incorrectly. For example, they said in 9 minutes, USA sank 4 carriers in the battle of Midway. Not true…

    What’s interesting is that the latest generation (even my own daughter, aged 28) knows little about WWII, let alone the great war before that one. I mean, WWII ended almost 75 years ago, and this becomes more and more ‘a thing of the past’.

  • @axis_roll
    yea i’ve seen it a couple times. It is a little light on some stuff, probably due to how they compressed it. I did like the way they presented it though. With the different characters and stuff. Kinda like “American Titans” I think it was called with Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford etc…

    Just needed to make it longer and it coulda been really good. But yea I can’t think of any other examples off the top of my head, but I remember thinking “that’s not how I heard it” :)

    USA didn’t sink 4 carriers in 9 minutes, but they did deliver what would be fatal hits to 3 of them in 5 minutes :)

    Yea Pearl Harbor Day was a big thing when I was growing up in the 70s. Now hardly anybody mentions it. So I always try to make a point to.

  • I like the series the Price of Empire on Amazon.


  • @axis_roll I have not watched the History Channel in years. It became to heavily involved in reality TV.

    We cut the cord.

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