1942 Second edition House Rules for a more interesting game.

  • Here are my house rules for 1942. I have been compiling these for a while. Some of these are national advantages from the revised edition.

    Special Rules and Advantages:
    Air Force Rules;
    Paratroops; One bomber may carry in one infantry into a land or amphibious assault. The Bomber/Para unit is still subject to regular AAA fire. If shot down, both units are removed. If a bomber dropped an infantry it is done and may not assault like a bomber in this combat.

    Doolittle raid; an aircraft carrier may carry one bomber instead of two fighters.

    Kamikaze Planes; Japanese fighters who could not reach back to a safe spot after a combat, can still fly into and participate in a battle. The player who controls them must announce that they are Kamikaze attacks. They must be chosen as the first casualties in combat.

    Luftwaffe Dive Bombers; German fighters may strategically bomb enemy industrial complexes. Roll one die for each participating dive bomber, add up the total amount of hits and then divide by two. Round down, this is the number of hits that you have.

    American Superfortresses; American bombers that are Strategic bombing are immune to AA.

    Special Forces:
    Each turn the German player is allowed to buy one SS infantry and one SS tank. They cost 1 more IPC each than the regular variant but had 1 more attack and defense factor.

    Each turn the American player is allowed to buy one Marine infantry and one Marine tank. They cost 1 more IPC each than the regular variant but had 1 more attack and defense factor.

    Ground Units;
    Willys Jeep; American infantry may move two spaces like a tank. Does not affect combat.

    Atlantic Wall; German Infantry defend at a 3 if they are defending a grey/black territory from an amphibious assault.

    Russian salvage; after a Russian successful close combat in which one or more enemy tanks are destroyed, the Russians add one of their own tanks to the board. Take all enemy tanks off. Limit of once per turn.

    Marine infantry; American troops on the right side of the board attack at two during the first round of amphibious assault. In addition Marines can be transported on a battleship, limited to 1 infantry per ship. Units DO NOT have to be ‘Marine Special Forces’ to do this.

    German 88; A German AA gun that is defending in a battle that has enemy tanks in it may move to the two dice defense section of the board. If the enemy tanks are all destroyed then the AA gun is removed from the board. AA guns still fire at air units.

    Recruitment Centers(from the zombies version); A recruitment center is an industrial complex that only can produce infantry. It costs 10 IPCs, and works like an industrial in every way except for that it can only produce infantry.

    Tokyo Express; A Japanese destroyer may carry one infantry.

    General Rules:

    Wartime economic support; a country may lend IPCs to an ally as long as it does not exceed 25% of their treasury, and is repaid within two turns.

    Tokyo Express; A Japanese destroyer may carry one infantry.

    Neutral country invasion; If a country invades a neutral country, they must pay 3 IPCs to the bank immediately. All neutral countries are worth 1 IPC except for the Sahara which is worthless, Spain which is 5( also if a country attacks Spain, Spain gets an automatic defense army of 1 fighter, 1 artillery, 1 tank and 2 infantry, and turkey which is worth 2 and has an automatic defense army of 2 tanks and 3 infantry.

    War Bonds; At the beginning of your turn roll one die. Add that many IPCs to your treasury. If your country is the USA or Germany, roll two dice.

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    IL. Here ya go.

  • You are my AA hero. Just gotta say.

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    reminds me of a combination of revised national advantages and that poster from along time ago…forgot his name…hmmm

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    Not Vann Damm ?

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    no way. forgot him will search AARHE posts for him

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    Oh I know I have file from 08. Treky was one ?
    3rd edition ?

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    Adlertag Imperious Leader Admiral_Thrawn Jennifer Admiral_Yamamoto KurtGodel7 Adonai B. Lynxes Andersson, Game Master Micoom Bierwagen Ncscswitch Cyan Nuclear DasReich Oldsalty Deaths Head 420 Rawdawg Flashman Tekkyy Guerrilla Guy The Duke Gen AlexanderPatch Trihero HMS Onslow and others…

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    all these people, plus and mostly Anderson Game master

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    Deathheads has fletcher idea. I want to know how you used the ship aa gun. There was a stat for this

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    Right AARHE 4.0

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    A stat for them

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    Funny. I went back to that list a few months ago so I could get some more NA ideas for my game. Using Operation Z and Russian conscripts.

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    Here is an example of AARHE and Anderson’s genius!


    1. VII Submarine Type VII U-boats were the workhorses of the German World War II Kreigsmarine that was based on an E-2 type, developed by Deschimag Company for the Soviet Navy (produced in USSR as IX series). Type VII boats were most widely used Submarines of the war and were built in the biggest series in the world – up to 700 units. Once per turn, up to two Submarines can be purchased and placed in Germany for 6 IPC each provided no surface naval units are purchased there. Your submarines’ attack and defense increases by 1 when the number of friendly Submarines exceeds the number of enemy Destroyer + Cruiser by more than one. 2. Panzer Grenadiers During World War II, the Germans had troops that were designed for fighting alongside Tanks. These were fully motorized units, so that they could at all times keep up with the Tanks. Each of your armor gives one matching Infantry one additional movement point. The armor and Infantry must leave from the same territory.

    2. AtlanticWallTheGermansfortifiedtheEuropeanbeacheswithmassivedefensiveconcreteblockhouses that formed part of the German defensive "Atlantic Wall”. During any amphibious assault against Axis controlled Western Europe or Spain, all your Infantry defend on a 3 during the first cycle of combat.

    3. Fortress Europe Germany built fortified defensive lines and established strong points on key terrain in Europe. Your Artillery in Axis occupied Europe has its defense increased by 1.

    4. German88’s The German eighty-eight is probably the best known Artillery piece of World War II. The 88 was the only weapon that possessed the punch to stop the Russian T-34 and KV Tanks. When declared, place 2 free Artillery in any original Germany territory, during “Mobilize New Units” phase of this turn only.

    5. Panzerblitz German Panzers and Panzer Grenadiers steamed over the static Allied defenses early in the war. If your attacking forces destroy all defending land units in a territory in one cycle of combat, any of your surviving armor may move 1 territory during “Non-combat Move” phase.

    6. Afrika Corps To help Mussolini realize his dream of a new Roman Empire around the Mediterranean, Hitler sent the Afrika Korps with one of his great Generals (Rommel) to Africa. Once per game place 2 Infantry, 1 Artillery, and 2 armor for free in Libya during your “Mobilize New Units” phase if the Axis control Libya, Southern Europe (or Italy) and Germany.

    7. Volkstrum Infantry The Volkstrum (literally translated as ‘People’s Storm’) was a German national militia of the last months of Germany’s Third Reich. It was founded on Adolf Hitler’s orders on October 18, 1944 and effectively conscripted all males between the ages of 16 to 60 years of age (who did not already serve in some military unit) as part of a German Home Guard. Once per game, the German player may purchase Infantry for 2 IPC each. This cannot be performed unless a territory adjacent to Germany is controlled by any Allied player.

    8. SS Panzerkorps Grossdeutschland and Panzer Lehr were probably the best equipped formation in the Whermacht. Its panzer regiment was filled with the latest Panther and Panzer IV models available. 1 special Tank unit may be built per turn. A maximum of 4 can be on the map at any time. They have the same attributes as Heavy Tanks without requiring the Heavy Tank technology. They fire in opening-fire. 10. Albert Speer & German Industrial Rationalization Speer succeeded in multiplying war production four times over the two and a half years he was in command, and it reached its peak in 1944 during the height of the Allied strategic bombing campaign. On turn 6 the territory of Germany is worth 50% more per turn. One turn 8 the territory of Germany is double its original IPC total per turn. This also allows Germany to be now bombed for additional IPC to reflect this new total.

    9. Alpen Festung In 1945 “National Redoubt” was the English term used to describe the possibility that Adolf Hitler and armed forces of Nazi Germany would make a last stand in the alpine areas of Austria, Bavaria and northern Italy in the closing months of World War II in Europe. In German this concept was called the Alpenfestung (Alpine Fortress). The German player is allowed to create a “national redoubt” if the territory of Germany has been attacked by allied forces. During combat German units can retreat to this virtual territory. All retreating units are converted to Infantry to resemble a true guerrilla campaign fought in themountains of the Alps. Furthermore the Allies donot gain the income of Germany even if it’s subsequentlycapturedbythem. TotaketheincomeAlliesmustcapturethevirtualterritory. Defendingland unitsrequiretwohitstodestroy. Hitsareallocatedondamaged‘guerrilla’unitsfirstbeforeanon-damaged unit is selected.

    10. Plan Z Plan Z was the name given to the planned re-equipment and expansion of the Kreigsmarine from 1935 onwards. The German player rolls three dice. The result equals the total of free IPC that must be spent on naval units this turn. Additional IPC may be allocated from your normal income to complete purchases. 13. Fifth column The Germans used fascist organizations in Neutral nations to influence the people’s opinion. You convert one neutral one level toward your side each turn. 14. Operation Felix/Isabella During World War II, Operation Felix and Isabella were a German plan to be put into effect after the collapse of the Soviet Union to secure Gibraltar and bases in Spain and Portugal for the continuation of the strangulation of Great Britain. Spain is an immediate ally to Germany as long as the Axis team first controls the Suez Canal and Gibraltar. All Spanish territories, units and income goes directly to Germany. This is unless Spain is at +4 or +5 level of cooperation. 15. German Infrastructure At the start of WWII, Germany had the best road and rail network of Europe. During “Non-combat Move” phase all German ground units in the territory Germany gain a plus 1 movemen tmodifier. During any turn, if the total economic attacks on the territory Germany exceed 50% of maximum value, this bonus does not occur for next turn.

    11. Amerika Bomber The Amerika Bomber project was an initiative of the Reichs luftfahrtministerium,the Nazi Germany Air Ministry,to obtain a long-range bomber aircraft for the Luftwaffe that would be capable of striking the continental United States from Europe. If you have both Heavy Bomber and Long Range Aircraft technology,you may build special Bomber with 12movement points. It is immune to Infrastructure Defense fire. It attacks at 5 and defends at 2. A maximum of 1 can be on the map at any time. You have to place a token underneath the special unit.

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    Yep have it all. Thank you.

    You guys were talking about AA Guns for ships I believe and they were like
    BB 4
    CR 3
    DD 2
    AC 1 ?
    How was this going to be used ? You guys scrap it ?

  • @Imperious-Leader That is basically what it is, along with a couple of borrowed ideas, and inventions of my own.

  • I actually was not aware that there were already 88 rules. I’m sorry if I took someone else’s rules without crediting I thought I actually came up with most of these on my own.

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    You can still tweak some of them to your game. Depends on what you want.

  • ok i really thought i came up with them. Thanks for sharing though, because I hadn’t seen all of them.

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    @SS-GEN only cruisers had AA capability to the level of which can be represented. Of these cruiser types, USA and Japan would be the only nations that pursued this idea to provide the Carrier with AA gun platforms because only really they could keep up with the fast carriers

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    @Panzerboy0191 I like it. That will really spice up the game. I would try it, but don’t play FtF any more. Enjoy your games.

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    @Imperious-Leader said in 1942 Second edition House Rules for a more interesting game.:

    @SS-GEN only cruisers had AA capability to the level of which can be represented. Of these cruiser types, USA and Japan would be the only nations that pursued this idea to provide the Carrier with AA gun platforms because only really they could keep up with the fast carriers

    Ya but all 4 ships had AA guns.
    Ok let me ask you this. What did a destroyer use when only attacking planes came in on the fleets they were protecting ? They just let them fly bye ?
    Technically all ships in games have aa guns. It’s just not mention because they can kill all planes if just planes attacking ships. Oh now the ships are to strong against just planes.
    I heard of the ships using there bigs guns against planes only. If that’s true. I can see it.
    So then how do Just destroyers defend against just attacking planes ? Pee shooters ? D6 games they due AD@2. With what weapons ?

    Other problem in games is the planes get banked till the end of most combat rounds. That’s bogus too in game. At least in my game you have a chance to kill a bonus plane during each round of combat both sides and also figs on figs bonus kill same rounds. All planes can retreat after 1 round of combat.
    At least this way you force both sides to pick a plane casualty when they don’t want too.
    Nobody’s gonna play with air superiority in any game. At least this represents all types of combat.

  • I think they should all have an AA ability with the exception of subs, because especially late in the war AA became put heavily on all ships.

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    Depends. Start them weak then make them a bit stronger later in war and There’s some options there for a NA or 2 for US and Japan. For being stronger like fletchers destroyers is one. But make sure u have a long lance torpedo NA for Japan too or give them that at start.
    Depends on how historic u want or fantasy game play

  • All Japanese and American naval units (except subs) should have an extra AA capability after round three. Or maybe two. I’m not sure what that would look like though.

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