• Does anyone have any house rules for combat medics? I am curious what they could add to the game.

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    If they don’t go into combat maybe have them roll a d12. 6 or less saves a Inf while there still in a combat round.
    Don’t know if there’s medic cap buys.

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    @Super-Semple While I like the idea of Combat Medics, I think that they might be outside the scope of Global War. When infantry and tank units represent Corps or Armies of troops (which would have thousands of soldiers), what would a Combat Medic unit do, exactly? Do you have a Corps of Medical troops, with hospitals, ambulances, and convalescent facilities? What effect would you have this literal Medical Corps do for you?

    I don’t mean to punch holes in your idea, I’m just trying to help you make this rule a better rule. This idea might be better as Hospital unit that is stationary, similar to an Airbase and a Naval Port, and provides some benefit when ground units in nearby zones are taken as casualties.

    Alternatively, you might build Hospital Ships and have them off-shore, to provide medical facilities for Amphibious Assaults. The US Navy had about 15 Hospital Ships in commission during WWII, and they were not alone in providing aid and comfort to the wounded.

    My 2 IPCs,


  • This isn’t air tight, but it is what I am play testing.

    Troop Saves
    • Infantry Units may be Saved by friendly Medics, Hospitals & Hospital Ships that are in range.
    • Saving- After combat, roll 1d12 per infantry casualty. On 2s, you may return an infantry (same type as casualty) to stage 2 on the production chart. This unit can be place at a hospital or hospital ship the next turn.

    • Cost 1 IPP, The Medic token may be placed under an existing standard infantry unit in supply
    • Medics save friendly infantry units in their zone.

    Hospital Ships
    • Cost 1 IPP, The Hospital Ship token may be placed under a naval transport in supply
    • May save friendly infantry units in amphibious assaults, and adjacent land zones
    • Healed troops may return to the game at Hospital Ships.

    • Cost 3 IPP to build
    • All Cities (red dots and circular land zones) have hospitals inherently
    • Healed troops may be returned to the game at Hospitals.
    • Hospitals save troops in their zone and surrounding zones.

    Obviously, if a Hospital location is captured, or Hospital Ship/Medic is taken as a casualty during combat, saves cannot be attempted.

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