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  • A question for Mr. YG,

    Thanks for all you add to the community! You have brought much knowledge and joy to our A&A sessions. You are a legend.

    My buddy and I have been playing with your tournament rules, and I got a question for you. It is quite different having PAC UK go before Japan. I’m wondering what was the thinking behind that, to stunt the J1? I tried a J1 in our current game, and the Yunnan stack has gotten ridiculous with both PAC UK and China. I usually go J3, but I was getting stuck there anyways when he would DOW me PAC UK3 before I would have the chance on J3.

    Did you consider EUR UK going 2nd, then PAC UK 4th (after Japan)? The first rounds would perhaps be more “by the book”, maybe you were trying to really switch it up?

    We’ve had a blast with the rules though, thanks so much. We dream about attending one of your tournaments someday, we looking at our games as potential preparations.

    Hope you’re staying safe, much love!

    Peace brother, from Syracuse NY.

  • @SeaZone91

    Hey SZ91… Thanks for the comments, and I really appreciate your kind compliments. The idea behind allowing UK Pacific going second in the order of play has everything to do with player assignments. In the adjusted order of play there can always be two players going at once with little to no interference with each other. This is a huge asset for games with 4 or more players because a game can move fast and end in a reasonable time frame. However, I understand the issues with balance if UK Pacific goes first, I’m working on my Academy Edition which has the same order of play and some care is required. I’ll be looking at my tournament rules soon and will get back to you about that Burma road build up problem. Thanks again, chat soon.

  • '16

    Hi, YG! Years ago, I bought cards for your new rules. Then you made some changes, and found a new card provider, which was much cheaper, so I bought another deck. Are those cards still available? I don’t remember where I bought them. I assume you have made further rule changes. Have your card deck(s) been updated accordingly?

  • @CaptainNapalm
    Hey Captian Napalm, right now in the summer of 2020 I have been finalizing all my past work regarding card decks for playing axis and allies. I just finished a card deck gaming accessory for playing OOB 1940 Global, which is a collection of cards that has been available in the past through various websites. However, I’m offering them once again on the best website for purchasing my decks at… over the course of this summer, it is my goal to also finalize the G40 house rule deck that you are inquiring about, and make that deck available on the same site. It’s true that some of the rules have changed, and a new deck of cards will be needed, especially because I’m hosting another tournament here in Toronto in October of 2021. Those cards will be called Grasshopper’s T40 Deck (tournament rules) which will include my victory token cards and new research and developments. Look for this deck in my online store at make playing cards, as I’m aiming to get those completed before this winter (needs play testing). Thanks and I hope I answered your question. here is a link to my online store…

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