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  • This may sound sort of weird, but I’ve been working on a sort of Axis and Allies RE4. It’s a great, and I figured, hey, why not combine my two passions? I have all the monsters figured out along with Leon, and a few scenarios. However, I think it still needs alot work. Anyone wanna help?

  • This is actually a good idea i think. I’m not a fan of RE at all, (never played any of them) but making scenarios following favorite movies or books could be a lot of fun. How about a Dirty Dozen scenario? Or maybe a Kelly’s Hero’s campaign? War of the Worlds could be revamped for the 1940s. Plenty of fun to be had.

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    Or more appropriately than RE: Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan.

  • There already is a BoB set of scenarios out, and I think SPR is done too. The Avalon Hill A&AM forums has a scenario sections. You can find them there.


  • I believe the SPR scenarios used squads to represent the individual characters; so Pvt Jackson is represented by a Hunting Sniper, Pvt Ryan is a Screaming Eagle; which puts it a bit off, when what’s supposed to be a single trooper has nearly the firepower of an MG42.

    That being said, they’re still fun.

    As for RE4… not my cup of tea, but whatever works for you. If I get really bored one day I might just try that D&D vs AAM.

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    I split the Zombies stuff into a new topic.

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