axis-dominion vs adam League Game

  • Hi @axis-dominion and @Adam514. I noticed in your current League Championship game that as part of the Bid you placed an infantry in New Guinea. Since the default rules (below) say that is not allowed did you agree to that before you bid? Since I am new I am wondering if the default bidding rules are being used. Thanks!

    Default settings for bidding:

    *Limit one bid unit in a territory or sea zone.
    *The nation placing a unit in a territory or sea zone must have started with a unit in said territory or sea zone prior to placing the bid.
    *China is limited to bid units of: Infantry, Artillery and/or Fighters (the units China is legally able to purchase or start the game with.) These units are still limited to movement/placement restrictions of Chinese units.

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    hi Andrew, welcome to the league! please come on in and have some fun!

    yes it’s something we agreed upon a long time ago, so we don’t even give it a second thought.

  • Thank you for the quick reply @axis-dominion

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