• Have you ever seen a game where France actually builds units in Indo-China? I’ve never seen this happen and was wondering if it ever occurred in a real game.

    Japan typically builds an industrial complex after capturing French Indo-China, so it would only take the UK or another ally to liberate it and give France a free factory to use. Supposing Paris has also been liberated, France could very well start building in Indo-China.

    Now of course this scenario would imply that Germany has lost France, and Japan has done very poorly in Southeast Asia —making a grim scene for the Axis. Typically in my games, they would surrender after losing two very crucial areas. The only scenario I could think of is perhaps Germany and Japan are trying to destroy Russia and didn’t fare well on other fronts. Maybe France would have a reason to build in Indo-China because of this? Although Paris would likely be the better option, but games can be crazy.

    Have you ever seen this happen?

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    No, anyone in our local area playing the Axis would have conceded long before that happened.


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