[Global 1940] A&A Mod with Cross-Domain Concept: Additional Moves in Combat and Non-Combat

  • In reading “Tabletop Wargames: a Designer’s Handbook”, I came across the concept of cross-domain (page 45), which would remedy a major drawback in A&A gameplay: the tremendous downtime as players have to wait about 1 hour between turns.

    Cross-domain means that other players can also move during someone’s turn. If I apply this concept to A&A, for example:

    • Germany player purchases units and makes all combat moves; then all other nations can make a single combat move anywhere (if they want) and resolve it;

    • then Germany player makes all non-combat moves; following that, each other player can also make a single non-combat move;

    • then, Germany player mobilizes units and collects income. Next nation (USSR in G40) then starts their turn following the same cross-domain of combats and non-combats.

    The big advantage is that it curtails downtime and keeps all nations engaged all the time, adding focus and excitement - and faster unit mobility. This seems pretty radical, as I’ve never seen this “house rule” discussed anywhere online or offline. I’m sure other players can find problems or appreciate advantages in this alternative mechanics…

    What do you think?..

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    @phd_angel I think that you may very well have something, but it would need some good testing before we could say that it won’t break anything to do this. This would also allow countries later in a turn order, like the US, a chance to move units out of long-standing traps (e.g. Pearl Harbor).


  • That’s a seriously interesting thought, I’ll have to try it in my next game. It seems like it should have alot of flaws, but I don’t think it does. Would the pieces you move during someone else turn be able to move again on your turn (effectively moving twice in one turn cycle)? In fact if you have 5 players, could you move the same units over and over again, obviously not.

    So where do you think the line is drawn? Because if I have 5 individual single combat moves, and can’t move those pieces again, it kind of takes away from my ability to act as a strong unified force during my actual turn. Or just takes some extended planing and passes during optional single-move times.

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    From what I’m reading yes you can move those pieces on your actual turn again.
    As midnight said US can make non combat moves to plan.
    China have a bit of hope. Lol
    Calcutta saved ?
    This will give each country some extra planning and moves to think about during turns which was stated to keep players more focused per each countries turn.
    Lots of things to check out

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