• I am almost never suprised by the attacks my oponets make.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Switch… it’s still a good example. Even if he overextended he has the upper hand in Karelia. (which was my point) He could have had 3 more inf alive, but that’s hardly a game breaker.

    I think the Ukraine move is pretty good(but risky!) since you take out 1 German fig. Germany will have 5 figs and 1 bomber left to trade karelia and/or ukraine, kill a british BB, kill a british DST and take Egypt(?). If he wants to press on all those fronts the odds of losing an additonal fighter and an inf here and there increases dramatically. Further it reduces the need for UK/US to buy defensive naval units with a weakened luftwaffe = quicker troop insertion into Europe.

    I’m not saying striking Ukraine is superior to Belo, but IMO it lets the German player have more flexibility. (which generally is bad)

  • 2007 AAR League

    Im a strong advocate of Russia sending 2 Arm to Yakut and 6 inf To Buryatia on R1, to go mess Machuria up a bit…

    Ties up Japan atleast 1 round, ussually more.  (usually followed by Allied partial offence vs Japan.)

  • That sounds like a good idea, but I haven’t seen anyone use it in the games on the board.  Maybe you should try it out.  Will it leave the German front a bit weak though?  Would you be able to attack Ukraine?  Would you lose those tanks quick against Japan?

  • Actually, I have had a similar strat used against me… and crushed the Russian offensive in China after they moved through Manch.

    Was annoying, and slowed Japan, but was far from debilitating.

  • it is hard to slow JPN in the intial rounds. they are the axis “ace in the hole”. I would not sack 2 RUS tanks.

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