• I bought a large, blank hex map for use with A&A minis and I am going to make some of my own hexes to portray different situations.  Urban areas will be the ones for biggest change.  Instead of having urban areas that act as streets and buildings, I was going to make these seperate and have rules for entering cover in the “building” hexes.  The building hexes will have a higher level of cover and can be destroyed with a certain level of attack from a cannon.  The building hexes will have a destroyed one of the same on the reverse side, which reduce cover to the level of forests.  I will probably use the same destruction rule for bridges.
    I may also make tower hexes for cities as well, which give infantry an increased medium and far range, while negating any close combat benefits.  Any units in the tower when destroyed will also be destroyed immediately.  Towers will not enjoy the benefits of line-of-sight for obvious reasons.
    To denote that a unit has entered the building I will probably have him on side of the hex that will be more shaded.

    Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.

  • I’m still extremely new to the game (just got my first set today) but would it be feasible to have a map that is entirely city?

  • Yes there are.

    Hbfronts has a Stalingrad thing that I have never seen. But they have one for France too that works at a different scale I think. I have not used or played either so really have no idea other then the screen shots of it look clean.

    People like myself also have created maps and rules for Urban combat. But like others I have to do things differently. They are not usuable with tournament games.

    The ones that AAM puts out are extremly simplistic and not really correct to scale anyhow. Maybe down the road they will do some WOTC official ones.

  • I also game in HO / 1:72 scale modern combat scenarios that a few of us have been developing for years.  We play it to a reasonably close scale of 1 centimeter equals 1 meter.  Therefore if the effective range of the C7 rifle is 300m in the game it can shoot 3 meters if we’re playing on a board large enough.  We have actually played on large floors where I could try to get the 37.5 meter TOW shot.  The game has scale buildings with removeable layers etc so that it provides excellent room to room combat.  Gaming at this detailed level takes a lot of time and we’ll spend hours fighting through a few minutes of game time.  Being a home grown game, we can and often do make new rules for anything we encounter.  One friend would happily take 16 hours to recreate 16 seconds of a guys life if he could do it acurately.

    This A&A mini game is purposefully designed as a simpler play and for that I like it.  That said, the idea given by Mistelten of multiple cover levels in urban areas is a decent idea.  Should areas reduced to rubble increase in cover and give the advantage to the defenders.  I’ll have to think about that.

    So far in the game pieces available I don’t believe we have sufficient firepower to truely rubble an urban enviroment.

    I’ve yet to find a large hex map suitable to play on.  I guess I don’t frequent the right stores.  My son and I are slowly filling a 4 ft by 8 ft (ah imperial measurements really are my favorite) sheet of plywood with hexes that we’ll be able to play larger games on.  Our hex is slightly larger but I’ll stick to the same rules.  Add on hexes of different terrain will be placed on top to create a forever variable landscape.

  • I will be adding geomorphic urban maps to my site that allow you to build a very large Stalingrad or Arnhem type city scenario.

    These maps are currently undergoing some playtesting, but check the OPM website listed in the other thread on Rommel’s Brigades and you will find the link.


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