• @Cernel A good argument against the fact that I’m moving to the coastline during Combat Move, if the sea zone is hostile, may be that I can have two or more different landings from the same embattled sea zone, and all these sea units are part of the same battle, which seems to hint they cannot be on the coastlines, at that point, as, this way, they would be not all together. So, it may be that they are all together during the battle, then, after winning the battle, they split up and head each one to their assigned coastline. Is this how it is working? If so, this would be the 3rd case of same sea zone movement I’m seeing (the first one, of course, being bridging, while the second one being loading a transport from two different land territories, without moving the transport itself, comprising non combat loading immobile transports that combat moved or took part in battles (or both)).

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