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    What’s everyone’s strategy when playing the ANZAC? I’ve struggled to this point to focus a clear picture of what I should do with them, and was wondering what others have come up with.

    I’ve experimented in different games to this point. In my current game I’m shuttling men to Africa/Cairo to help defend there. I’m hesitant to do that too much for fear of leaving Australia vulnerable. In my past games I’ve worked on building Militia in some of their islands and/or shuttling troops to the islands to help defend them against the Japanese.

    I’m tempted next time I play them to put more of a focus on a small navy to help with convoy escort duties, submarines to raid Japanese convoy lines, and to just target smaller Japanese forces.

    What do you all do?

  • Commonwealth Rule clearly states that all members of the Commonwealth are to attack and defend together. This is a rare thing of allowing the Allies to work together. In 36, it is next to impossible for ANZAC to work on its own due to how isolated it is and how badly their nation is from the start. They make the least money out of everyone and have the lowest factory output. There for, the only great use I see for them as well as what I’ve seen get used against me is to use their forces to boost and work with FEC. They make great strategic reserves for FEC in this case.

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    @Caesar-Seriona thanks for the reply. Yup, I’m well aware they all attack and defend together. Really happy that’s the rule in this game, love seeing allied nations do things actually together. But that doesn’t change the fact that ANZAC has limited money to spend, which was really my question I suppose.

    So your strategy is to send their forces straight to India/South East Asia and help there?

    I could see how that would be beneficial, but with such limited money it almost seems like a waste to have to build build the naval forces necessary between ANZAC and FEC to safely ferry those forces to the mainland?

  • Well the only other option is to build them up to threaten a response to the Dutch Island should Japan try to take them, which they will. ANZAC somewhat automatically stops Japan from expanding too hard due to the threat of a counter attack somewhere.

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    I like to use them as a guerilla force. I try to isolate small groups of Japanese ships and attack them. As soon as USA is able to lend lease I send one unit down to Australia every turn. You combine that with one unit from ANZAC’s income and you get just enough to make a nuisance out of yourself. You need to build enough ground forces first so you don’t make too juicy a target for the Japanese. After that build subs with the ANZAC income and planes/escort carriers/destroyers/light cruisers with the American money. Don’t forget to hit the convoy lines with your subs if there are no targets of opportunity. The whole goal is to nickel and dime them as much as you can without incurring their full wrath in Sydney.

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    @GeneralHandGrenade thanks GHG for the input! Yeah, that’s more how I’ve envisioned moving forward with them in games. While I’m still going to test some troops to Africa this game, I do think having a small task force in the Southern Pacific is the way to go as well! The convoy raiding possibilities, if nothing else, will be the best bang for their buck for the ANZAC, as they can cause some decent damage given how small their income is.

  • @Chris_Henry The problem that both 1936 and Axis and Allies share is the fact that the Allies can’t move together outright is what makes ANZAC much weaker than in real life. The military units Australia sent to Malaya and Africa were taken there by transports that ANZAC lacked at the start of the war. 1936 at least gives you the option to have ANZAC move with UK due to the joint military command structure between the three nations in real life, at least they got that part right.

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    @Caesar-Seriona Yeah, I totally agree in general. I just don’t know from a gaming perspective how you’d change that. Obviously people have looked at all Allies going on one turn, then all Axis on one turn. But I feel like I’ve read a number of times in the past that formula has largely been shown to not work. Granted, no idea if that’s been explored for GW1936.

  • @Chris_Henry Exactly, it doesn’t work because the game wasn’t built around that concept. I would love to see some one try this.

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