• Hi I’m a new player and have a question. At the start of my turn if I wanted to buy 2 infantry but No infantry pieces were off the board at the start of my turn. Can I buy them knowing I will lose 2 in battle round. This goes for any piece as well. Do they have to be available off board. It seems like your very limitedwith 8 infantry😊 😊 😊

  • why not place grey chips under existing infantry to represent units - so rather than 3 infantry in say Archangel, you might have one infantry sitting atop 2 grey chips representing a total of Three Units.

  • You can also just write it out on a piece of paper. This works ok, but if you really want to play Axis and Allies a lot you need to buy a junker for the pieces.

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    As mentioned, you are not limited to the number of plastic bits.

    You can;

    a) use the grey chips underneath to represent 1 each
    b) buy more mini poker chips and use them under each piece
    c) buy more plastic bits (either separately, like for example through HistoricalBoardGaming.com or by buying a second copy)
    d) write it down (least attractive option tbh)

  • Just so you know @anhy123 , you can get scrappy games on ebay every once in a while for low prices. You can also buy individual pieces. Try boardgamegeek if ebay isn’t showing you what you want.

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