• @cds

    I was surprised by the ai. The old computer game was a joke. But I think the computer may cheat the dice rolls in its favor. But I need to stop playing the original game and use it to learn the newer versions

  • @josh-lucky13

    I remember that old computer game, fun to play when there was no one around to play the boardgame with, but like you say it was very easy to beat the AI.

    The AI in this program is better, it also has different settings as you’ve probably seen. But playing vs a human opponent, especially online, will boost your skill level exponentially.

    Personally I think you might like the Global 40 second edition. This game is the next generation of A&A boardgames. It has a lot of new features and even politics.

    Well good luck and have fun playing. Perhaps we will play each other one day.

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    Hi josh

    yea you can give the AI extra dough to make it harder. I think that’s what cds meant by different settings : ) but anyway doesn’t hurt to double down : )

  • @josh-lucky13

    Regarding your doubts about the dice of the AI, you can always use the battlecalculator to check your odds in attack or defense. You just go to the territory you want to attack or defend and click on CTRL + B and youll get a popup screen on which you can put the attacking and defending units (most of the time the defending are there, because you are standing on its territory when you pressed ctrl + b)

    Of course if you are still in doubt about the DICE of the AI, you can also change the settings of the game to Low Luck, this eliminates any bad dice.

  • TripleA

    Hey all. Feedback on the AI is always welcome and a lot of discussion around it can be found on the TripleA forum here: https://forums.triplea-game.org/topic/105/ai-development-discussion-and-feedback. I can assure you that it doesn’t cheat with dice rolls and you can always check the dice statistics in the game you are playing. As mentioned, you can give the AI extra income to make it a bit more competitive once you get a hang of a map or even give it a larger bid. The AI generally plays most maps fairly well especially for beginners to learn it though it struggles a bit with naval warfare and overall macro-strategy. It definitely isn’t any where near the level of expert human players but can give beginners and casual players a decent challenge.

  • @barnee

    I meant that that you can choose between ‘does nothing AI’ to ‘Easy’, ‘Fast’ and ‘Hard AI’. I also meant what @redrum mentioned that you can give extra money (or units) to the AI nations to make it more interesting and harder to play vs the AI in general.

    The only way to improve the AI in my opinion would be making it self aware, so it will learn from playing vs a human opponent, and improve itself by doing so. I guess there are already good computer programs (chess) that are beating human opponents, even chessmasters. So to be fair there is hope for A&A fans around the globe 😉

    “Making it self aware might be dangerous, and we might get a SKYNET (terminator) situation on our hand ;)”

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