Some more of my stuff and modifications.

  • Thanks all.
    I think I keep those old tanks around to remind myself of where I started. Either that or I’m just lazy, and they’re pieces that didn’t need paint. Of course now is when I notice the British ones missed out on their wash. Just when you think the punch list is done.
    @folewnik. Can’t wait to see them, I can imagine the tragic scenes. One warning, to much list makes them hard to pick up.

  • Mech. Infantry
    20200410_063136~2.jpg 20200410_065618~2.jpg 20200410_075741~2.jpg 20200410_084324~2.jpg 20200410_091204~2.jpg 20200411_073453~2.jpg 20200411_074415~2.jpg 20200411_074818~2.jpg

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    You’re Rockin it Hard Mister !!! Way cool 🙂

  • “Meanwhile, in the basement of Doom.”
    Was staring at a pair of twisted G-8Ns when I started to notice a few similarities to another bomber. Figured since I had a little time, went to work.
    Plastic left over from control tower job made fuselage plug, milliput filled the nose. Still can’t believe I got the fin to stick.
    Not perfect, but I think they’ll pass as B-29. Still debating how I’m going to do the windows.

  • '20 '19 '18 Customizer

    There’s an idea! Great work on that mod. If I may make a suggestion on the windows- you could go with medium or dark grey. Black would also work.
    Edit- forgot to mention: to “un-twist” those pieces from HBG, warm them with a blow dryer and they’ll most likely return to their original shape. Be careful you don’t over-warm and wilt the piece. Sometimes dipping the twisted section in very hot water will also work. I’ve used this method successfully on their Avengers’ twisted fuselage & crooked wings, and B-24 bent wings

  • @DMcLaren
    Don’t forget straightening ship hulls and tank gun barrels. Although, now you mention it, I think these wings were forgotten.
    You’ll have to forgive an old man with CRS. HaHa.

  • '20 '19 '18 Customizer

    Yes! Although I’ve not photographed the tanks yet and FOlewnik used his heat gun to straighten the hulls of the Japanese light cruisers. Oh no- you have CRS, too? It’s genetic in my family and although my parents claimed to have it as soon as they started having kids, it didn’t seem to hit me until after 50. Fortunately, “Can’t Remember Stuff” isn’t contagious!

  • Exceptional work on the mods! Did you hand letter the fuselage and tail?

  • @folewnik
    82 and tail letters decals, circles drawn.
    Normally I’d draw black numbers and such but I ordered a set of white decals, was sent black by mistake and told to keep them.

  • Impressive. I know just how hard that is. They look just great. For the cockpit I would paint the entire area black,let dry ,and then come back over it with a darker grey metallic, Leaving a thin black line a the bottom to outline the edge.Then paint one coat of wash to mute the metallic just enough to look like glass. Canopy lines in black over that if warranted.A suggestion only.

  • Thanks for input. None of my metallics really fit. Remembered I have a Vallejo gunmetal blue to late.
    In back is a sanded down B-17 I was using for testing that didn’t turn out to bad either. Dress it up as a Russian copy Tu-4.

  • Finally a Jagdpanther! I guess 3rd time is a charm.
    First 2 attempts were with the current Panther hull, couldn’t get the symmetry right.
    Went back to the first gen. panther for this one. The hull being a bit longer and the lack of skirts might help.
    Also, I think I’ve found a good cannon barrel replacement material. This is the bamboo core from an incense stick.
    Stay safe.

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    Nice ! Can you light the incense to give it a smoking barrel look ? : )

  • @barnee
    I love the smell of sandalwood in the morning!

  • Been bringing my artillery and AA pieces up to current appearance standards. Got bored with that assembly line work, made these.
    Have a heavy transport house tech. rule, normally a small tape flag on aft mast is now this.20200502_084414~2.jpg

  • Since I had the U.S. naval colors out, I pushed through with the Lexington rebuild.
    Here’s the previous look.
    Reused everything but the rear structure, boosting the fwd. island about 1.5mm. Rear section fabricated with styrene stock.
    Think I might have gone a little to big? Still 100% better. That’s what I get for trying to use the rear of a classic tank turret the first time.
    Stay safe all.

  • Greetings.
    Has it been a rough few months or what? Hope everyone’s doing well.
    Since my set has been trapped in a buddies basement since last summer, I haven’t been able to work on or get pics of what has been finished.
    I have been dipping into HBG’s 3d printed selection, picking up a set of Crusaders; a Nelson; an Eagle CV; some Iowas and the Graf Spee.

    Still not 100% sure about my Royal Navy color palette, but they should be close.
    I also liked the Indiana enough to put her in with Missouri.
    Oh I found a WIP of some US. dudes.
    Stay safe.

  • Greetings.
    Just a few more things I’ve been keeping busy with.
    Fuso from HBG.
    With some AFV examples from IWNGU.
    Stay safe.

  • Greetings all:
    Happy days (maybe) everyone in the group’s been jabbed, and there’s been talk of resuming gaming. I’m hopeful. Anyway, here’s a few new pieces they’re going to see…
    Some injection molded Pzkfw VI b.
    A replacement Sharnhorst.
    and Gneisenau.
    And the last I have finished, USS Colorado.
    I removed the radar from Sharnhorst as a nod to his last sortie. Our cat donated a whisker for Gneisenau’s mast. In hindsight, I should have removed the cranes from the German ships then reinstalled them in a better position after painting.

    That’s it for now. Stay safe.

  • This post is deleted!

  • A few more things I’ve been finishing.20220414_103920.jpg Some Corsairs, 262, La-5, Pe-2, Do17 and some Sherman’s. All printed except the Russian fighters.
    May have gone a little overboard on "Little Miss Mischief ", for a game piece.
    Stay safe.

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    @mr-kell I’m loving these! That B-17 is the star of the show.

  • 2023 '22 '21


    It all looks super cool. Just like opening up a World War II History Book.

    Have you ever used the Tank & Vehicle 1:285 Scale Models from GHQ Models?

    From where do you buy the air units ?

  • Greetings and thanks.
    Yeah the details on that B17 were pretty freakin good. I just settled on the subject, put my head down and let the print tell me what was possible. By the time a voice in my head went “STOP!” and I looked back up. I had already grabbed 700 scale props and was harvesting bristles from a vacuum attachment for gun barrels.
    Quite a bit of research definitely helps a project like this. Fortunately I have full bookshelves. My universal carriers did come from Ghq, as they were the only ones I could find at the time. Would have liked to get more from them, but couldn’t afford to. Other than those, a few units from I will never grow up, an Fw200 & He177 in 700 scale from Pit Road and some fabricated facilities, everything is from, or a modification of pieces from various A&A sets and Hbg. Sometimes my skills were up to the task. You did great work as well.
    Oops, forgot about the type VII & IX U-boats from shapeways.
    Stay safe.

  • Greetings all.
    A few of my latest paint glops for the Regia Aeronautica. 20220728_093203.jpg
    All are Hbg 3D prints, with Ba-65 taking tactical duties, letting Sm-79 be bombers again.
    Take care.

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