Leaders Under Fire

  • Does a leader lose his abilities when he is disrupted.  I ask this because I believe he should but I can’t find the rule saying so.  The only support I can see is the fact that the German Commander does not lose his skills in the face of disruption.

    Other than that, I’ve been tracking the site for a couple of months but only signed on today.  Are there any players from the south central Ontario are looking for opponents?

  • Page 29, Advanced Rulebook “Command Abilities” states that no Command Abilities do not function while the commander is disrupted.

    Also note that Initiative is a Command Ability so won’t function while disrupted.

    The SS-Haupsturmfurher’s fanatic allows him to ignore this.

  • If a unit ignores all Disrupt status, do you guys even put it face up on there or just take it away at the casualty phase?

  • Currently there is nothing that can benefit from the SS-HSF having a face-up disrupted counter between the casualty phase and the beginning of the SS-HSF player’s movement phase, so it doesn’t matter as much as the SS-HSF ignores it so can defencive-fire, etc, still.

    However, I usually leave it on anyway then remove it at the beginning of my movement phase like your supposed to since that is the rule; and who knows in future sets there might be something that can effect it.

    And really, it’s not like it’s a lot of effort either way.

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