HBG Essex Carrier with Camouflage Hull

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    Hello everyone. I wanted to share my latest Essex class carrier customization.

    Essex 1200x900.jpg

    There is a famous picture of an Essex class carrier where the hull camouflage is prominently displayed. I wanted to reproduce this late war hull pattern for piece and give it a deck a similar style as my other US carriers.

    Essex Carriers.jpg

    I used this image as my source for port and starboard hull camouflage patterns and color scheme.

    Essex Hull Camouflage Pattern.jpg

    This game piece is from HBG and it is sold in 5 packs, so I gave them deck numbers 9-13.

    Essex Port View 1200x900.jpg

    Essex Starboard View 1200x900.jpg

    I’ve added two magnets so they hold 2 aircraft each. You can find these on my site here.

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