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    Does anyone know if the existing expansion are going to be updated to reflect V3 changes? I lot of the territory names are going to be different, and there were obviously going to be unit and rule changes that might affect some of these.

    Also, does anyone know if they’re going to have expansions for both V2 and V3? As in, would there be like a V2 Winter War Expansion, and a V3 Winter War Expansion, etc.

    My guess is no, but that also makes me further wonder if the existing expansions will be tweaked at all to reflect the modified map and rules.

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    Most of the work has already been done, Chris. There will be updated versions for V-3 but the V-2 will still exist. There may also be some changes to the V-3 rules if the designers feel it will make the set better. The main goal at HBG right now is getting V-3 out the door but after that you will start seeing the updated versions of the sets. I doubt that any of the needed pieces for the sets will be necessary so if you own them already shouldn’t need to purchase anything more for them. I have also seen a few of the new sets that haven’t yet been released. I have gone through them to help out for the clarity and accuracy and to add suggestions. I think they are getting better at creating them. Look forward to those later this year when HBG puts the finishing touches on them and creates the necessary pieces for them.

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    @GeneralHandGrenade Thanks GHG, good to know! I’m in no rush for them to be done, was just curious if they’d been on HBG’s radar to update the existing ones, since they would need it to reflect changes. Not surprising this would wait until after V3’s realease!

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