Super Carrier, Jet Fighter sculps?

  • So I like to use unique sculps for my special hose rules & tech units.

    My biggest problem with that is finding a sculpt for a Super Carrier that can comfortably fit three aircraft. The biggest one I have found is the Kostromitinova allied carrier from 1941. But even it is a bit two small, especially when you start trying to carry 1 or 2 tactical bombers (I have single engine naval bomber for all countries, so not trying to fit large twin engined Mosquitos or Hamptons). Has anyone else found a sculpt they like for this?

    Jet fighters are another sore spot. With HBG’s Amerika Meteor not being in stock for many months, I am hurting for appropriate allied jet sculpts. Yes, the P-80 works for America, but somewhat surprisingly it was little used outside the US. Any suggestions?

  • Looks like Tumbling Dice 1/600 scale aircraft are a decent option to fill any aircraft holes. But they run a little small, more Classic fighter size than the current A&A fighters. And for fighters, cost competitive with HBG. Twin engined heavy fighters like the PE-2, and the Ki-45 are a good match to the OOB P-38, but smaller than the OOB Mosquito.

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