A&A Global 40 2nd Edition OOB/BBR - Player Aid Cards

  • These are my personal aid cards I created for the OOB version, as well as the Siredblood rule set. All black text with nothing behind it means OOB only (besides the unit setups). Black text with (W-BBR) in red behind it means that it is a OOB rule that plays with the BBR rules. Blue text and/or (BBR) means that the rule is from the BBR rule set and not part of the OOB version. Blue text for U.K. unit setup only is for the BBR rule set of Canada which has a seperate card.

    I hope you enjoy my cards. I put a lot of hard work into customizing them for easy reading and art taste. While it is hard finding nation heroes/icons and pin up art for all nations it is something I found unique and I hope you do too. Thank you. Player Aid Cards SB G40 OOB.pdf

    I would like to also add that the BBR is made entirely by Siredblood and I do not claim any ownership in it. These cards are to assist people playing OOB or who already own BBR. The rules are not included and are provided/sold by Siredblood on his YouTube channel.

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    nice like the artwork 🙂 Seems as if the unit names are a tad too dark but it all looks good

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