Anyone want to play Gary Grigsby's world at war?

  • Subject says it all, I will play either Axis or allies.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Yo zooey, we dont click on the political issues board, but I wouldnt mind playing this game with u.

  • Moderator

    Ezto, man that is like your most popular board by post what do you mean?!?! He posted the question in the right board. Or am I so dull I am missing your humor? :?


  • 2007 AAR League

    ughhh, all i said was lets play the game zooey.

  • Moderator

    you said we don’t post in the Political Discussion…


  • he was meaning their relationship on that board… not clicking, as in gears not aligning… I’m sure you get it now.

    So, how is this game, and how does it play in multiplayer?  I looked at it the other day as other people were talking about it.  Can you compare it to anything?  The latest WW2 strategy I’ve played is Hearts of Iron, and that game could take DAYS…

  • Moderator

    Got it! Thanks, I can be a bit dense…

  • 2007 AAR League

    Well ill tell you how its going. I dunno if im playing against zooey, but sum random e-mail just popped up saying they wanna play so the hell with it.
    I conquere france and yugoslavia on turn one with germany. Conquered the chinese costal areas with the Japs.
    He responded by trying to land on Italy (not possible on 1640) against germany, and building up his british home base. He also ATTACKED the Japs with the Chinese.
    Turn 2 I attacked the atlantic with some subs, while sending everything to the eastern boarders. i also got a north africa force ready.
    as the japs I retook my lost land and raided his forces inland by air.
    He responded on europe by sinking 2 of my 3 subs =[ and pumping up his Africa force. On asia he tried to regroup his chinese remnants.
    Turn 3 I attacked malta. didnt conquer it, but destroyed all of his units there. I also returned my lonely sub to port. the troop buildup on the east is now 3:1. As for japan, I crippled his chinese army by more air assaults, while putting all my kwautung army in front of his. I also rolled 4 bombers out of production for greater destruction.

    The game works like a charm. We are playing via e-mail, but it can be played on real time. it can have up to 5 players, so if anyone else is interested on trying this out, post here.

  • It sounds awesome.  I’ll try and check it out and give it a go sometime.  I’d still like to get into Hearts of Iron more, but like I said, it takes a while to complete something.  The farthest I got was playing as Spain and basically carving France in half with Germany.  And we were just getting into 1940…

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