• Hi.
    Thanks to the collaboration of Piloto P-51’s youtube chanel, and the tests we have done on our part; We believe we have determined that Pieces and how many are used to play optimally 1941, and incidentally make it work as was intended: an introductory “cheap” game.
    You know, There are problems of design and edition of the product, which are a shame: 1 the error on the map, 2 a manual that spends many pages with spaces and drawings, useless, and does not develop a full turn of a power (Germany or Japan, they can do in their hole turn all steps and combat movements) 3 a box that should be much more compact, 4 lack of player aids, 5 lack of pieces.
    We have uploaded in another post, the help to players we have created. And now here, we put the pieces that should have come from the factory day first… but that we must acquire, copy, improvise or create, to have an ideal gaming experience.


    This table is the result of several conscientious play test and an average of the data, we hope it serves to you.

    Nota: Video en español, critica y soluciones.

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