• Have any of you used the Northern Route through the Artic Ocean while Germany is at peace with the U.S.S.R if the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact is in effect?

    I moved a German surface unit into the Pacific via the Northern Route in my last game, to threaten U.K Far East, ANZAC and later Panama traffic.
    The U.K player committed much to closing off the Atlantic.


  • @ABWorsham4 During the early part of World War II, the Soviets allowed the German auxiliary cruiser Komet to use the Northern Sea Route in the summer of 1940 to evade the British Royal Navy and break out into the Pacific Ocean. Komet was escorted by Soviet icebreakers during her journey.

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    @ABWorsham4 I haven’t used it in any games as of yet! I think there’s a couple reasons for it.

    1. Literally I think we almost forget it can be done at times haha.
    2. I think our group gets so involved with what needs to happen in Europe/the Atlantic, that it’s just not thought about a lot to do.

    I think it should be explored more though. I hadn’t really considered a surface ship, as you have done, but submarines for sure. If it’s possible to get to the Pacific and convoy allied shipping there (if Japan isn’t at war yet, at least), I think it could be really smart.

    Germany could be helping Japan without Japan even being at war yet. If Germany is at war with the West (UK/France), then they’re also at war with FEC and ANZAC, and maybe even the Netherlands (though probably not smart if Japan isn’t fighting yet). They could convoy precious IPP from the FEC and/or ANZAC, making things difficult for the Pacific powers to buy in preparations for war with Japan. I know the FEC especially might feel it if they have to build a destroyer or two to go on convoy patrol when they may well need those extra forces on land.

    I haven’t played with this expansion at all, but using the Gruppe Monsun Expansion would certainly make this a better idea too.

  • @Chris_Henry One of my lesser goals early in the war as Germany is to establish a slight threat to supply lines in the Indian Ocean or ANZAC coast.

    This causes the Allied players to either defend from German attack with UK Far East Forces or remove units from the Mediterranean or Atlantic to an otherwise quiet front. This threatens unescorted transports feeding units into Egypt and keeps Far East units from supporting the War effort in the Middle East or North Africa without some threat
    And there are always trade route points to attack without combat.
    I would not spend more than one unit for this. I prefer surface ships to U-boats, they hit more and bring more attention to your actions. This is a move to cause reactions and tie up as many enemy units as possible.

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    @ABWorsham4 All good points. Again, I hadn’t really considered doing this a lot up to now, yet alone with a surface ship. I’ll have to explore this more in some capacity or another. I agree for sure, it’s a big hit to the weaker Allied nations in the Med/India/Pacific. Every IPP counts for them, especially early on. Having that distraction could be decisive.

  • Try doing what I did and put three transports in the pacific with three infantry and three artillery and sail them to jack Allied territory Japan can’t hit ASAP.

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