Axis And Allies (Milton Bradley Version): House Rules.

  • Attached is a Link to a word doc with the rules a group of Canucks made up over 6 years of constant weekend gaming.

    I figure these may have a place here because our view of how the game should be played was 100% opposite of what Avalon hill brought in.

    Battleships were not made 2 hits because quite frankly,  by WWII battleships are a useless relic and people stopped making new ones. They should die easily to planes,  WWII was about carrier navies.

    We also did not make each nation have to fight the way they did in WWII.  We know how that battle worked out. The point of Axis and Allies was to see how the war could have turned out differently if people acted differently (in our eyes that was the point).

    You could have Russian Kamikazee planes,  Super heavy Japanese Tanks, etc

    The rules are listed with a “why” section next to them you so you can follow our logic.

  • Do people have to register to If your rules and such aren’t that big, could you just cut and paste them into the post directly?

  • No, and 7 pages.

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    Sorry old chap that looks like some spam site… I guess we will never find out how good those rules actually are… oh well.

  • Seriously?

    Savefile is up there with Photobucket.  It really surprises me you’ve never used it before considering it takes no registration to upload or download.

    Well, looking at it at least 7 of you have started downloading so I guess some of you are in fact seeing how good the rules are.

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    Well i hope they will grace us with the bounty of wisdom contained in them.

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