New Special Unit Ideas?

  • Given the wide spread of units now available, does anyone have any idea of how to utilize the different molds for the same units in a more unique fashion?

    Examples; given I now have Light Tanks, MkIVs, Panthers, and Tigers for the Germans, I’m going to use the Panthers as a late war Medium tank with the following stats:
    A:6 D:7 M:2 $:7
    Available: Jan '43
    Special: Target Select 1-2 Armour. Blitz.

    To demonstrate the early weakness of US tank design I’ll use the Grant tank as the first US Medium Armour and introduce the Sherman later.
    A:5 D:5 M:2 $5
    Available: July '39
    Special: Blitz
    Sherman: As OOB
    Available: July '41

    Not a mold but I like the idea of AVRE British Assault tanks, to give the Brits something akin to the advanced US, German, and Soviet units.
    AVRE Assault Tanks:
    Stats as either Medium or Heavy Armour:
    Cost: +1 to unit cost.
    Special: Doesnt suffer the negative effects of Amphibious landings/Crossing river. Max 2 at any one time. No Blitz.

    I’m looking at a way to utilize the wide spread of British (and other nations) BBs considering I now have: Warspite, Royal Oak, KGV, Hood Classes, and Intend on getting the Vanguard when its released. Any ideas?

    Or does anyone have any other home brewed units?

  • What is your idea for British light cruisers, also a USA battlecruiser? Germany has Leipzig (light), Graf Spee can be used as battlecruiser, Japan Nagara (light), Kongo as battlecruiser, USA Omaha, battlecruiser? advice please …

  • Omaha light for USA, finding battlecruiser for USA…

  • @HMS-Serapis
    I was going to use the US Baltimore as BattleCruiser.
    The Leander for the British light cruiser.

  • Ou yeah, tnx i forgot for Baltimore, and Leanders are now X5…

  • 2018 2017 '16

    The Hood is actually a Battlecruiser. The OOB Battleship from A&A 40 is the Iowa which is a Heavy Battleship.

    I use the King George V and the South Dakota from HBG for Fast Battleships.

    If you can hold off there will be an Alaska Class Battlecruiser in all colours soon from HBG. The Vanguard will be printed in all colours too.

  • @GeneralHandGrenade
    Yeah I’ll be using the Hood as a Battlecruiser for the British.

    I do need a new US BB for either heavy or fast.

    I was hoping to just use the Vanguard as a British heavy BB for historical sake.

    Do you have any home brew special units you keep up your sleeve?

  • 2018 2017 '16

  • @GeneralHandGrenade Great news to hear about Alaska and Vanguard.

  • @GeneralHandGrenade Some of those US BBs look great. A touch pricey for my wallet but maybe one day.
    Will you be investing in all of them?

  • 2018 2017 '16

    @Dran-Black I have 2 of each. With the South Dakotas and the Iowas that should be plenty for the game.

  • @GeneralHandGrenade
    Nice! You certainly have a diverse fleet.
    Looking forward to seeing them in action in your videos.

  • 2019

    1. I’ll likely eventually use HBG’s rules for the Swordfish and Ju-87G pieces.

    2. I’m considering using HBG’s Anti-tank acrylic marker to make an Anti-tank unit. Same attack, defense, and target select as a tank destroyer in V3, cost 4, move 1, towable by Motorized. Might skew attack/defense values further in favour of defense if it proves too cost effective relative to tank destroyers.

    3. Flak Towers: Unsure of cost/build time yet. Can only be built in cities. Add +2 to all AA rolls and act as a supplemental fortification, granting +2 defense to all land units for an additional round if a normal fortification already exists.

    4. LVT-A amphibious tank for USA using HBG’s rules.

    I’m currently at work, if I remember to do so when I get home I’ll dig out HBG’s rules for some of these and update the post.

  • @RellHaiser

    I’m definitely using the sword fish rules. I quite like them. What are the JU87-U rules?

    I like your Anti tank unit. I would make them weak on the Attack though. Like A:2 D:5 M:1 $:4 with the target select. Got to make them worse than Artillery on the attack. But other than that I quite like the idea.

    Your Flak tower idea seems solid too. Maybe 2 turns to build and cost 6 or maybe 8? But only make them Available in like July '41 or Jan '42 to stop them being spammed out.

  • 2019 2018 2017 '16 '15 '14 Customizer '13

    Anti tanks should be C4 M1 A3 D3 pick target. Pick target at 5 is way to strong. Build 2 a turn only.
    They were also weak on defense if they broke down or damaged. Didn’t have the turret to defend its self.
    Art should be A4 D4 anyway. IMO

  • @SS-GEN

    Well the current Tank Destroyer is A:3 D:4 M:2 $:5
    Target select 1-3 Vehicle Class. Which I think is fair enough. Especially as it doesnt come with Blitz. (I did think it was A&D 5).

    An Anti-Tank (Artillery) unit should have similar stats. But obviously M:1, it should also cost 4, and be towable.
    I think then it would be a pretty solid defensive unit.

  • 2019

    @Dran-Black The Ju-87G is A7, D5, M4, C13
    Available January 1943, target-select 1-5 vs. vehicle class.
    In return for being that much better than a normal tactical bomber against ground targets they’re unable to hit ships, or use ordnance from those expansions.

    I like your two turn Flak Tower build time as I think they could be built in 6 months IRL but only by using pretty much all the concrete that was available. So Flak Tower cost and built time at 4/4 I think. July 1941 availability sounds good too.

    @SS-GEN I had no intention of increasing anti-tank’s target select from 3 to 5, only the raw defense value, but I think your criticism is fair. How about A2, D4, M1, C4, target select either a) stays at 3, or b) increases to 4 but only works on defense?
    And of course towable by Motorized.

  • @RellHaiser

    I like the Target select only on defence.
    It simulates the hidden/fortified positions that AT guns work best from.

  • 2019 2018 2017 '16 '15 '14 Customizer '13

    Miss understood anti tank art with tank destroyer. Also was in no way criticizing. I always base my pieces on cost for punch.
    I see 2 ways to go.
    Art C4 M1 A3 D4 can tow & boost inf +1 on A
    2.25 3.00
    Anti-tank Art C4 M1 A2 D3 can tow & D hit can pick target only
    1.50 2.25
    Tank Dest C5 M2 A3 D4 can pick 1-3 class motor
    1.44 1.92
    As I see the Tank Destroyer is a little weaker on attack. But some will disagree.
    Should the Tank Destroyer be stronger on attack (A4) ?
    But if you keep attack the same then maybe boost Inf +1 on A for all 3 pieces.
    They were used to support Inf too.
    Also make this piece blitz able ?

    or for me
    Art C4 M1 A4 D4 can tow & boost Inf +1 on A
    3.00 3.00
    Anti-tank Art C4 M1 A2 D3 can tow & AD hit goes toward a motorized unit. Boost Inf +1 on A only
    1.50 2.25
    Tank Des. C5 M2 A4 D4 AD hit goes toward a motorized unit. Boost Inf +1 on A only.
    1.92 1.92

    Anyway just thoughts. We do have the above stats in game but no Anti-tank Art and we use the SPA
    and Tank Dest as 1 piece for now.
    SPA C5 AD4 M2 AD hit goes toward a motor unit first. Can Blitz.

  • @SS-GEN

    I’ve been using the Stats for TDs, Artillery, and SPAs in the Global 36 v3 rules.

    They do have separate SPA and TD units available for most nations. I like the Hummels and Stugs myself.

    I think that the AT artillery would be formidable enough with just A:2 D:4 M:1 C:4 Target Select Vehicle 1-3 on defence. Hell, 1-2 TS would be decent enough.

    I think if you give the TDs and ATA the +1 inf support then you’ll squeeze the regular Artillery and SPA out of the game a bit. Otherwise I reckon it’s a fairly decent defensive unit.

    What do you guys think about Armoured Cars/Recon Units?
    I’m working on using ACs in the game.
    They will have the stat profile of Cavalry but will move 2 in Desert terrain (instead of mountain), cost 4 IPP, can pair with other vehicles to allow them to move 2 in desert, and pair with Armoured units to blitz in the desert.
    Also, if they havent/wont use either of these abilities, they may give a +1 to the opening strike of Artillery and SPAs.

  • 2019

    That Armoured Car idea seems decent. I too would like to implement them, but I kind of struggle to find an interesting/fun way to differentiate them either from Cavalry or from Light Armour.

  • @RellHaiser
    That was the same trouble I was having but after they introduced Cav moving 2 in mountains and brought Desert terrain in, it seemed like the appropriate way to go.

  • 2019 2018 2017 '16 '15 '14 Customizer '13

    Armored Car
    C4 A3 D3 M2
    Can only kill Inf, Armored Car, Mech and L. Tanks. 1-2 series ?
    D3 is for radio, reconnaissance and helping with enemy info getting back to commanders.
    No need to boost a piece.
    Its a nice C4 unit that fits in.

    C3 A2 D2 M2

  • @SS-GEN
    Why only kill Inf etc? Other units dont suffer the same limitation?
    What is 1-2 series?

  • 2019 2018 2017 '16 '15 '14 Customizer '13

    What I meant was can kill anything from a light tank on down to an inf.

    1/2 means no higher than light tank

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