6 month retrospective & Patch 8

  • Axis & Allies 1942 Online just celebrated six months in Early Access!

    We’ve heard from Axis & Allies fans all around the globe: your cheers, your woes, your bug reports, and your feedback. We’re hugely grateful to everyone helping us make this game the best way to play Axis & Allies (beyond the tabletop). Thank you!

    Of course, our launch wasn’t without challenges. Since July, our team launched an aggressive assault on bugs, and bolstered server infrastructure to defend against crashes. They’ve also added major features to the core game, including:

    Ranked Games
    Player Profiles
    New Starting Variant
    Smarter AI
    UI Updates
    Slicker Visuals
    and more!

    Although the work is far from over, we’re proud of our progress to date.

    Check out our retrospective on development progress so far & Patch 8 notes: https://www.beamdog.com/news/early-access-six-month-retrospective/

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    As you know, I’ve been playing since the beginning.

    It really is a marvel to think about how far the game has come in such a short amount of time. From the game literally crashing over the slightest of issues and turns taking 40+ minutes to a smooth experience that’s more-or-less ready for actual launch.

    Good work, guys. Hoping for more maps to play on in the future.

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