Firing of AA Artillery alone

  • What happens if I have an AA artillery alone that is being both blitzed by an armour and flied over by an air unit? The armour captures the AA artillery, but does it fire on the air unit anyways?

    What happens if I have an AA Artillery alone that is being attacked only by a bomber plus paratrooped infantry (3rd edition option only) (talking by the rules, not the game behaviour, that might be bugged)? Does the AA Artillery get to shoot before being captured? If it does, will it avoid capture by downing the bomber?

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    @Cernel Pretty sure your move plays out as follows:

    1. Your TANK moves into the territory with the AA gun (note: You can’t “blitz through” a territory with an enemy AA gun, as the presence of the AA gun blocks your TANK’s movement).

    2. Your air units flies over the enemy territory.

    3. As the enemy territory is still enemy-owned (as combat did not occur yet), the AA gun fires at you.

    4. Combat Phase ensues, your TANK captures the territory.

    I could be wrong on some of these though. Classic has weird rules compared to later versions.

    As always, @Panther and @Krieghund have the capacity to make official rulings on behalf of Larry Harris for you.

    @AcesWild5049 may also have additional insight, as he’s the main guy putting research/effort into Classic right now.

  • @DoManMacgee I concur and thanks for the reference.

    And to answer the second question, yes the AA gun can fire at the paratrooper/bomber and if hit, both units are eliminated and the AA gun and territory remain on the side of the defending powers.

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    @DoManMacgee @AcesWild5049

    Different from other editions in Classic the tank is not blocked by an IC and/or AA gun when blitzing.

    Actually the official MB document states (page 4 “Miscellaneous”):

    “A tank can blitz through a territory with an enemy AA gun and/or industrial complex on it.
    Such a territory is not considered enemy-occupied.”

    And blitzing means immediately changing ownership (of the territory and the AA gun) during combat move phase, before moving into the second territory, as by the rulebook, page 13:

    “Blitzing - A Combat Move on a 2-territory move, if the first territory your tank moves through is enemy-controlled but not enemy-occupied, you may blitz it … that is, place your control marker there as owner, … , and move into the 2nd territory.”

    Now in @Cernel 's scenario an air unit flies into that territory at the same time as the tank blitzes.
    AA fire occurs during the enemy’s combat move phase, too.

    I need to wait for @Krieghund here, too, as in that case I only have an idea about what should happen but not the needed certainty to clarify this.

  • @Panther wow…but for the Miscellaneous in the MB Support Document, I would have argued with you on that one (being that an enemy AA gun is, well, an enemy).

    I stand corrected on @Cernel 's first hypothetical which now makes things more convoluted in terms of order of operations. But this is cool. Let’s see what the verdict is. Grabs popcorn

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    I’m going to go with the principle that all combat movement is simultaneous, so the bomber is fired at by the AA gun as it is being captured by the tank.

  • @Krieghund And the infantry transported by a bomber (3rd only) into an enemy territory, with only 1 aa artillery and no other units in it or attacking, is lost if the bomber is hit, thus the territory is saved from capture exactly like in anniversary?

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