Axis & Allies Expansion 2, 3 & 4

  • 2021

    Hi ☺

    Here comes Expansion 1, 2, 3 and 4 with a few comments attached.

    The Expansions are compatible with most Axis & Allies variants by Larry Harris. We have tested the Expansions with the A&A variants that are listed in Expansion 1 §11: Historical Wartime table.

    The overall necessity is that Expansion 1 is implemented to the game before Expansion 2, etc. However, Expansion 3 and 4 should be implemented simultaneously. At the time Expansion 3 and 4 are implemented players should first of all be familiar with Expansion 1 and 2.

    We suggest that each Expansion should be implemented gradually during at least 5 games, depending on the players game experience.

    Expansion 1:
    A) Some of the best known elite units of WWII are represented in Expansion 1. These units have strong attack and defense capabilities and are highly mobile. The limited production number of each of these units more or less reflects the Historical number of units that were represented during the War.

    B) On the strategic level, there are options to increase production and to protect factories from strategic bombing. It is even possible to destroy factories, air and naval bases to deny them to the enemy.

    C) The Historical Wartime Table is important to help players keep track of time as well as when certain rules and units may enter the game.

    Expansion 2:
    A) This Expansion makes The Pacific Theatre more interesting. Most islands/island groups have their IPC value upgraded. This increased IPC value represents a tactical purpose only, since the strategic value (oil, iron ore, minerals, infrastucture etc.) can not increase. What this means is that it is not possible to build factories on these islands.

    B) Some rules will also affect the tactical and strategic planning for the naval battles, for example battleship and aircraft carrier units taking damage - should you bring your aircraft carriers directly into the combat zone in an attack - or keep them at a safe distance and just send in the air units…

    C) Some new units, such as the German King Tiger units, Escort units and carrier-based fighter units bring new options to attack and defense.

    Expansion 3:
    A) The largest impact in Expansion 3 is the D-Day rule. The option that The Allies now have from round Early 1944 will most certainly have an influence on the German strategi for The Battle of The Atlantic as well as the German units that should be held in reserve for the anticipated Allied invasion.

    B) The Lend-Lease rule gives The Allies an option to help The Soviet Union. Once again, we have limited the number of Lend-Lease units - both in order to reflect the Historical facts as well as for game play reasons.

    Expansion 4:
    A) The units such as the Soviet Commissar, Panzer General etc. are Headquarter units. These units can fight on their own - or they can take command of a number of units and thereby create an Army. When an Army fights as one unit the defense as well as attack capabilities are increased. However there are some limitations for the use of Armies.

    B) The Total War rule is implemented in Early 1943 - at this time in History WWII entered a decisive stage for both The Axis and The Allies.

    C) Following the Historical setbacks for The Axis forces in Northern Africa, the Italian homeland found itself in the frontline. In Expansion 4 The Axis have the option to let Germany take over Italy. The restrictions concerning this rule are for game play reasons as well as the Historical facts that have also been taken into consideration.

    When we started developing and play testing the Expansion rules we had great fun. This started back in 1993 - well before the Internet was available in our homes…

    In 2003 we had gradually developed these 4 Expansions - much like they appear today. A few new units and rules have been added since 2016 - so now each of the four Expansions has 12 main points with units & rules.

    Since 2014 we play only Global 1940 (2nd). This version of Axis & Allies has the best options for using all four Expansions in their full capacity.

    It is breathtaking to be in the game - building up and maneuvering entire armies on The Eastern Front, in Western Europe and Africa - and fighting major naval battles in The Pacific as well as in The Atlantic.

    Even after more the 26 years of playing Axis & Allies we are still committed to this famous game.

    We hope that you may find inspiration in these Expansion rules - just as we do.

    Best regards

    The Captain
    Expansion 2, A&…pdf
    Expansion 3, A&
    Expansion 4, A&
    Expansion 1, A& 31jan20.pdf

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