• Any body else ever try a round 1 attack of Borneo?  It seems to always works but leaves India really exposed.  With an attack of the K-tung tranny it takes Japan a couple rounds to retake it, keeping GB up 4, Japan down 4 and a thorn in Japans side.  I play with alot of new recruits so I’m sure a Japan expert has a good counter and would like to hear it.

  • First off, need to correct your income figures…

    If UK goes after Borneo, they will indeed be up 4 there.  But they WILL lose India in J1, and that will make them only net +1.

    Also, if Japan chose, they COULD re-take Borneo on J1.  Their SZ60 TRN can reach, as can their entire fleet and the majority of their air force.  The added advantage of killing off the UK fleet in one place, including the FIG in all likelyhood, still being able to attack China and do Pearl medium is also a positive trade for Japan.

    Not saying that re-taking Borneo on J1 is a good idea… I personally would wait until about J3 to do so… once I have my mainland IC, have taken care of teh US naval threat, and established a good shuttle of forces into Asia.  But with a Borneo move early by UK, I get India for nearly free, no counter of Germany taking Egypt in G1, and a nice chunk of my Japan fleet is poised to then move on and take Australia and New Zealand earlier than I normally would do so.

    It is a nice quick land grab for UK in an area they normally don;t get to go after.  But the trade offs for the Allies make it a detrimental move on UK1.  If you REALLY want Borneo, do it a few rounds later using Aussie forces, as well as any naval air units that survive the re-take of Egypt and any Japan naval countes in the Indian Ocean.

  • 2007 AAR League

    It´s a better idea to attack French indo china on UK1 with 3 inf, 1 fig, send destroyer after trn send trn into philliphine SZ, to block J1 reinforcements of Frenchindo china meaning India can´t fall untill at best (from Japans point of view) in turn 3 probably later if reinforced with IC and or russian inf.

  • How can you win if you on UK turn 1 attack f.Indochina with 3 INF, 1 FIG, japan has 2 INF 1 FIG…. dice sim says defender wins… if you attack you have bad odds.

  • The odds of winning are around 46% for UK, the odds of TAKING FIC are about 29%.  But the odds of clearing it of Japan forces is 56%… elliminating 1 FIG (very worthwhile to Russia’s defense) and 2 INF that can then not be used to either take India or China.

    It is NOT a move I recommend, but have had it used against me, and the dice were in favor of the UK.  It is a VERY annoying move when the dice go against Japan… which happens about half the time.

  • 2007 AAR League

    All I can say is this move(3 inf+fig vs 2 inf+fig) has “Nix” written all over it. And the successrate is close to 100%, normally with 2 inf+fig surviving.  🙂

  • No kidding.  Nix has been incredibly successful with this move.  WAY above dice averages…

  • 2007 AAR League

    Well what do i say……  ( i have been very succesfull indeed with this) But the main point to make is that if it goes badly, you can retreat the fig, and no real “harm” is done…

    So when doing something 50/50 make sure it won´t lose you the game…  coughtrecent sea battlecought  (don´t know yet…)

  • I don’t think attacking Borneo is a good move for UK to do in UK1…
    it leaves India for the taking AND it lets G hold Egypt…
    (mostly one of those should be worth the effort)

    I wonder though, if attacking FIC would be a good move when UK plans to build an IC in India on UK1?

    this is:

    • UK pays for the IC
    • FIC falls smoothly? IC placed in India
    • FIC is still standing? I dunno. IC in South-Africa then?

    would this be a better way of pursuing the goal of an IC in India?

  • An India IC is almost always a bad move for UK.  It takes too much pressure off Germany and puts a serious crimp on Russia.

    Slow Japan down, and Russia keeps 1 and 2 IPC territories for a few extra rounds.  But taking pressure off Germany risks Russia’s 2 and 4 IPC territories…  Bad trade.

  • I was not saying an IC in India IS A GOOD MOVE!

    I was wondering if it was a better way of pursuing the goal of an IC in India?
    (some people just can’t play a game without an IC in India!)
    (I’m not one of those people)

  • Actually, it is a worse way of pursuing an IC in India…

    UK loses most of their units they start with in India attacking FIC.  They drop a basically unguarded IC.

    Japan uses their remaining TRN and counters/reinforces FIC.

    UK2, UK builds some units in India.

    J2, Japan hits India with 4 INF (2 landed in FIC on J1 that walk in, 2 TRN from East Indies), perhaps a BB shot or 2, plus a number of FIGs and a BOM.

    Free IC for Japan, and no UK forces left in the area.

  • @Axel:

    this is:

    • UK pays for the IC
    • FIC falls smoothly? IC placed in India
    • FIC is still standing? I dunno. IC in South-Africa then?

    I only suggested building one when FIC falls SMOOTHLY!!!  😐
    and again: only for persons who REALLY want to build an IC in India
    if things go bad? build it somewhere else, for all I care…

  • But even with a “smooth” taking of FIC, 2 INF via TRN, maybe even some Kwang forces, plus BB, plus AF means FIC is re-taken by Japan.  Even with 3 INF there (the best possible result of a UK 1 attack, and not at all likely against a FIG and 2 INF).

    Then you can still Amphib India, plus AF, plus any Japan INF from FIC in J2.

    If you are going to try an India IC, you need to STACK India, not strip it down on a 50/50 battle in FIC.

  • 2007 AAR League

    we shall see if it´s duable switch….  (for reference check on going Switch vs Nix game)

  • Well, I just took Nix’s shiny new India IC on J1.

    Cost me taking China…  but I now will have TWO IC’s as Japan in Asia after J1, plus my TRN’s that I bought…

  • 2007 AAR League

    well But you´ll lose the rest of Asia…
    And your Trn´s will be hit by my lone surviving US Fig.  (but Trn´s are notorious killing machines so you might survive.)

  • 2007 AAR League

    And the comming US IC in Sinkiang will now become a real pain  (if you didn´t like it last time  😉  )

  • But this time I have TWO IC’s already on the ground in Asia… and ZERO threat from the US in the Pacific due to taking no losses at Pearl (indeed, at the end of J1, I am only down 1 TRN in navy, while the Allied fleets have basically been destroyed)

    Also, I won;t let that IC phase me for too long this time 🙂

  • 2007 AAR League

    this has become a matter of Honor  :evil:  😄

  • May not be much honor…

    Most of Russia’s living troops are in Manchuria.  Caucuses has fallen, and your primary stack in West Russia is GONE.

    Russia has exactly 4 INF and 2 ART outside of Manchuria…
    6 German tanks are in range of Moscow…

  • 2007 AAR League

    these German tanks will be needed elsewhere, and no Russia will not fall next round.
    at the most you will get 5 Arm 2 Figs in on Russia,

    cauccasus is mine again, you will retake it (maybe)

    Russia will have at a Min 10 inf 1 Fig 1 Arm in Russia, feelfree to attack.  99.1% of the time you will have nothing left. after 10 rounds of combat.

  • Um… you want to re-calculate Caucuses?

    I just added 4 Japan FIGs to the German defense 😛

    I WILL build in Caucuses… and I can bring all 6 tanks to Moscow if I choose on G3…
    Muwahahahahaha!  :evil:


  • 2007 AAR League

    Damn you……


  • LOL!  You did not think I was going to talk all those risks as Germany last round and not have some way to secure my gains did you?

    Don’t forget, when you do your Russia build for R3, you have a build limit of 8 units 😛

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