• I’m looking for the following UK Unit’s to strengthen my UK Army and I’m willing to trade very WELL for them;

    (x2) Cromwell IV
    (x1) Churchill Crocodile

    I have the following unit’s up for trade at this moment. If you need something else not listed here, Please PM me with a list of what you need and I’ll see what I can do to help you out.

    (x2) IS-2 (SU)
    (x1) IL-10 Sturmovik Plane (SU)
    (x1) Jagdpanther (GER)
    (x1) King Tiger (GER)
    (x1) Type 95 Ha-Go (JP)
    (x1) Type 89A Chi-Ro (JP)
    (x1) 7TPdw (PO)
    (x1) Cossack Captain (SU/Uncommon)
    (x2) MG 42 Machine Gun Team (GER/Uncommon)
    (x3) Panzer IV Ausf. G (GER/Uncommon)
    (x2) Panzer III Ausf. F (GER/Uncommon)
    (x1) Type 87 Armored Car (JP/Uncommon)
    (x2) Kuomintang MG Team (CH/Uncommon)

    Please PM me with any offer you may have. I will consider all offer’s and get back to you as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Game On!!  8-)

  • Hi.

    Check out my listing to see if anything is of interest.

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