General Question - How does Platinum League Work?

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    @JuliusBorisovBeamdog specifically @'ing you because you might be able to give a quick answer.

    tl;dr Wins in Gold League and below = jump 40 ranks, Wins in Platinum League = jump 10 ranks and then trickle down ~1-2 ranks/day. Need advice on climbing the ladder faster than I fall down it.

    Finally broke into Platinum League with both my Allies and my Axis the other day. Yay. With my new placement comes a question, though. Is Platinum League set up in a fundamentally different way from the lower leagues?

    When I was plowing my way through Silver/Gold Leagues (Yes, my Axis got seeded into Silver initially. Laugh if you want.), winning a game would effectively bump me up ~30-40 ranks. This made grinding the ladder an easy and casual experience, as I’d run one Axis game and one Allies game at a time, and simply wait until both games were won to join my next two games. Going at this leisurely pace, I was able to hit Platinum with Allies in like 2 weeks, and Platinum with Axis in about 3 weeks (I got an opponent with Axis who literally abused the 24 hour clock to make all of his moves at the absolute last second, that was some BS if I’ve ever seen it).

    Anyway, now that I’m in Platinum League, I’ve noticed that my progress has slowed to a screeching halt! Winning a game now only bumps me up about 10 slots, and with each passing day I slowly trickle down in the leaderboard. I mean, it makes sense that I would trickle down as other players win games, it’s more the minimal bump for winning that confuses me. I’m undefeated currently as both factions post-placement matches, I imagined that I would keep my momentum in gaining ranks until I started actually losing to skilled players. What do I need to do to rank up faster? Do I just need to play more games simultaneously?

  • Hello! The tiers are set up in the same way. We’re using the Since the ELO rating of Platinum users is higher, it’s now more difficult for you to move higher.

    Yes, playing more games can help.

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    @JuliusBorisovBeamdog Ah, so it’s just ELO. I’m already familiar with the concept thanks to Chess.

    I’m guessing my progress slowing is probably because, now that I’m about 7 games in with each faction (not counting placement games), I’m no longer gaining/losing as much rating per-game, in addition to players having naturally high ranking. I’ll just keep chugging along, then.

    For vanity’s sake, do you have a rough estimate of what the ELO Thresholds are for each league/segments of each league? I’m currently ~#180 as Axis and ~#89 as Allies.

  • There are no thresholds, no amount of “reserved” placements in each tier. It depends on your rating score.

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    @JuliusBorisovBeamdog If there’s no minimum rating required for each tier, and no fixed number of users in each tier, what determines the tier I end up in then?

  • Sorry, I meant thresholds for the number of places. It’s your rating which is required for each tier, definitely.

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    @JuliusBorisovBeamdog Which leads me back to my question. Do you know what the required rating for each tier is?

  • Ah, I see. That is not the information we’re ready to share at the moment.

  • I am Platinum 137 for Axis
    44 Wins 13 Loses
    57 Games Total

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