• So an idea has been rolling around my head about what a good use could be for a British or French attack on an unaligned neutral. This would be before the US reaches wartime income. The economic penalty is large, 10 IPP up front and 8 IPP a turn until the US hits wartime income, which could result in 50, 60 or even 80+ IPPs.

    The best answer that I could come up with is a British attack on Belgium on turn 1. The goal of this attack would be to stifle the Schlieffen plan and lightning war ability of Germany. With the Commonwealth being able to stack units in Belgium it would require a much larger concentration of force from Germany to destroy France which could shift the balance in the West or force Germany to turn East.

    The strategy also has the positive effects of not giving Germany a ton of aligned territory when it goes to war with the UK. The USAs income also shouldn’t be able to go below zero so instead of a -8 per turn penalty it mitigates it to a -6 per turn income.

    I think the largest cost is economic, delaying America and not allowing them tech rolls. Let me know what you all think and let me know if you can think of any other neutral countries that are worth invading in the early game.

  • @hammertimepower
    Are you sure that the US is effected by the minus 8 every turn?
    I thought it was just the turn that the allies attack a neutral.

  • Generally speaking, the idea of strategy is interesting, but I personally do not look in that direction. I always try to organize the defense of my home island, Egypt and Gibraltar in the first rounds with the UK. Germany will, in one way or another, conquer the continental part of Europe, and with weak defenses in the Mediterranean, you are opening up the opportunity for Italy to reach important points. This idea seems a bit risky to me. It’s just my opinion…

  • @Dran-Black I believe it is permanent. The section for allied war penalty’s says that the UK penalty is specifically one time while for the US it is specified as an income decrease.

  • @HMS-Serapis In the games that I have seen it doesn’t look like the Mediterranean has been too important. Granted Gibraltar is important but you can reinforce Gibraltar with Militia and Colonial Infantry at any time. There is only 1 specific victory objective for it for Italy and not too many IPPs. Usually it is a gateway to the middle east and I think you can strike a deal with Russia or use the FEC to strike back through Iran and recover your victory objectives. Definitely high risk , high reward. Especially if you get diced.

  • @hammertimepower

    I think you’re forgetting that Britain must be at full income in order to declare war.

  • '19

    @hammertimepower Based on how I read the rules the -8 penalty for USA is one time only. If it was every turn that would quite unbalanced as well. Furthermore you cannot recruit Colonial Infantry in Gibraltar as Colonial still require the territory they’re placed in to have an IPP value.

    @mrgoatcheese In V3 anyway based on the beta rules Great Britain is only restricted from declaring war on major powers when below wartime income. There is no such restriction mentioned for minors IIRC.

  • '18 '17 '16

    There seems to be a lost in translation moment here. Yes the -8 is a one time event but that -8 is on the income of the US. So if they were at 10 then they would go down to 2. They don’t get that 8 back on the next turn, that 8 is lost for good. It will probably set America back at least 1 turn before reaching wartime income.

  • @mrgoatcheese I thought that too but under the war section on the national sheet for the UK it only says “Yes, but a 10 IPP penalty applies”. Which implies to me that they don’t have a time requirement or an income requirement. But I might just be reaching.

  • @hammertimepower

    No, you’re right. I was citing v2 rules. I haven’t done a thorough read through of v3 rules yet so I just assumed it was the same. Whoops 😛

    Anyway, I’m a much bigger fan of early and hard pressure on Japan via China because the Japanese are much more fragile than Germany. It’s hard to stop Germany early, but if you can get them to divert forces then you can win the long game against Germany. On the other hand, a decisive strike against the Japanese navy can kill Japan, or even applying enough naval pressure and harassment can paralyze them.

  • @RellHaiser oh shoot I forgot about the IPP value. I still feel comfortable with a militia a turn though as long as I can keep a sizable fleet alive near the med. But I think that depends on the priority you place on keeping the Med.

    @GeneralHandGrenade thanks for clarifying that

  • @mrgoatcheese hmm I never even thought of that. I must still be thinking in g40 terms where India needs to play defense. Do you think the Commonwealth can actually threaten the Japanese navy without exposing the home islands/have any recommended lend-lease purchases?

  • @hammertimepower @GeneralHandGrenade

    So to clarify:
    The British would pay 10 IPP (one time only) to attack a neutral before getting to War Time Income. Would this money be taken out of the Cash they already have or deducted from IPP collection at the end of the turn?

    The US would take a 8 IPP reduction on their income which would remain indefinitely but would not continue to be applied. Example: in Jan 1939 the UK attacks Iran reducing the US income (after Japanese Capital ships are built) to 0 for that turn. However once the US starts to roll for mobilization and rolls a 12 on a D12 this is just 12 IPP and isnt reduced to 4 IPP?

    Colonial Infantry and Militia can only be built on territories with an IPP bonus. Gibralta and Malta for example must be reinforced from elsewhere and cant “Spawn” units.

  • @Dran-Black If I am reading the rules correctly the 10 IPPs must be paid immediately and can be shared among any aligned powers. So it needs to be cash.

    Just to clarify the US IPP reduction: Jan. 1939 the UK attacks Iran, current US income is 16 IPP. I believe the US’s income would immediately reduce to 8 IPPs and when they role the d12 for mobilization that would be completely unaffected. @GeneralHandGrenade correct me if you think that is wrong or unclear.

    I also thought militia could be built anywhere as a minimum of one regardless of point values. At least when I’m looking at the V3 rules.

  • @hammertimepower

    I like to put an early fighter in China if I can, otherwise I’ll send either IPCs or infantry. The threat to Japans navy is also a medium to long play. I found success in forcing Japan to invest too much in China and either ignore building capital ships or invest too little too late against an American naval assault. India still plays defensive in order to make Japan either create even more land units to actually take shit, or pull it out of China and risk a Chinese offensive. I find Japan to be really fragile and you only need to dominate them by land or preferably sea in order to defeat them. In my games Japan has the quickest and hardest collapses. Perhaps that will change in v3 idk yet.

  • '18 '17 '16

    There is no provision in the game for borrowing money from the bank. Given that the UK would need 10 IPP in hand (whether their own money or an Allies money) in order to have the ability to declare war on a minor power. Doing it the other way would be like buying a tank on your purchase units phase and then paying for it on your collect income phase.

    Militia have changed a bit in V-3. You can build as many militia in a territory as the territory is worth. So if the territory is worth 3 you can build 3 militia there per turn. You can also build them if there is no point value but you are limited to building one militia. You can only build one militia in a captured territory no matter how much the territory is worth. You have to own a territory at the beginning of your turn in order to build a militia there at the end of your turn.

    On a side note, I have seen the expansion set for the Chinese Civil War. It is awesome. I thought ho-hum when it was sent to me but when I looked I was really impressed. I was always bored with China but I can see it being a big improvement in the game. Sorry but I can’t give you any details, you’ll just have to wait until it comes out.

  • @GeneralHandGrenade

    Do you know when the Chinese Civil War expansion will be released?

    Can we expect a Video on it?

  • '18 '17 '16

    @Dran-Black The goal right now is get V-3 out to the community. Until that happens I doubt you will see any movement on new expansions. There will always be a video…except if there are zombies involved.

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    @GeneralHandGrenade said in British attack on Belgium:
    There will always be a video…except if there are zombies involved.


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