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    @erinmores I might be up for that. We don’t play as much as other people on this site, but I take great joy in the game. We live over seas from the U.S. so you have to be patient on getting through turns. We are a day ahead and usually there is a 12 hour difference between when we can get to turns as our night and day are different. Gojira and I live in Guam so we don’t have to deal with any time difference.

  • @GuamSolo so basically you’ll know you won a day before me, right? LOL. I’m down, maybe start next week … btw, I have a good buddy, Chris W. He was stationed on Guam for awhile back in the day. He and I game AA G40 table top all the time. He runs a meetup called Rocky Mountain Axis and Allies - lots of photos. Technically supposed to play this weekend, but hedging with this crazy virus…

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