• Somua S-35

    25 Points
    Speed: 4
    Armor: 4/3

    Superior Armor 2 - An attack must beat this unit’s defense by 2 or more in order to score two hits against it.

    Vulnerable Design - If 3 or more 6’s are rolled against this unit by an enemy using the Armor Piercing Rounds special ability, this unit is destroyed immediately.

    Attacks - Short 0-1 - Medium 2-4 - Long 5-8

    Soldiers - 7 / 6 / 6

    Vehicles - 9 / 8 / 7

    Just an idea I had. Like always feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • This is actually one of the tanks I mentioned wanting to see in the D-Day set. The French have been out long enough that they should be fieldable on their own without having to use the same build. Variety makes nations fun to play.


  • I think the vehicle attack should look more like this.  9/7/6    it only had a 47mm gun ,where you can take the chi ha which had a 57mm gun and its stats are 10/8/7.  the M4A1 SHERMAN had a 75mm gun and its stats are 13/11/9 so i don’t see how it could out shoot a sherman.

    as for superior armor.  it only had a 56mm frontal armor. not all that ‘superior’.  and the back was way worse than that.  maybe a 4/3 defense without superior.  IMO

  • I think its agood idea and yeah the french do need a good tank. and hey even if the stats arnt amazingly accurate it would atill be fun to use for small battles with friends  :-D

  • HEY~  guess we will find out monday what the stats really are. and see how close we are!

    ~GRIM~ you got your wish!  (what a waste of a good wish)  :wink:

  • @argarus:

    ~GRIM~ you got your wish!  (what a waste of a good wish)  :wink:

    Hhahahaha! Dude seriously! I shoulda played the Lotto.


  • I almost peed myself when I saw they actually made this tank lol  :-D

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    You stats weren’t too far off either.

    Next, they need to make a Char 2C.

    Maybe with the “overlapping fire” special ability?

  • Please. No more French tanks.

    Give us Machine Guns, Artillery, Maginot line - obstacles, but PLEASE no more rare tanks!

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