Triplea game launcher battle calculator problem with UK Pacific

  • 2020 '19

    When using the battle calculator to test Japan vs UK in UK Pacific territories such as India, the calculator default uses UK Pacific, rather than British. This always produces a zero win result for an allied attack, because in Triplea, all UK Pacific fighting units are converted to and tagged as British units. UK Pacific should not be an option on the list of countries, or the default setting for units in UK Pacific territories. Please remove UK Pacific from the battle calculator app.

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    @FMErwinRommel Good find! As in Global “UK Pacific units” simply do not exist.
    By the rules “All combat moves, combat, and noncombat moves are made or conducted as any other power’s single, united force.”
    So the TripleA battle calculator seems to somehow “sort” those units depending on whether they are on the European side of the map or on the Pacific side of the map.

    Interestingly this does not occur with sea units. Those are correctly represented as being “British”, even on the Pacific side of the map.

    @redrum :

    In the attached savegame please use the BattleCalculator and look at SZ 37 and 39. The UK ships are correctly represented as “British”. The Infantry units in Malaya instead are incorrectly represented as “UK Pacific”, while they should be “British”, too. Switching to “British” sets everything to “Zero”. This is not exactly @FMErwinRommel 's scenario, but good enough to represent the issue.



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