The annoyance of mine enemies, ie: HELP please!

  • hello, i am a big fan of A&A minis, i play it with my friends all the time , BUT latly my frind i play against most often has ruineed the game for me: he is always allies, and he ruins tha game by playing with nothing but infantry, no tanks just about 20 infantry, and all of my axis stuff IS good, but i dont have anything that can match his numbers and he almost always wins because of it!!! :x :x :x

    I just need some suggestions on just what i should do! 😐

    The Trooper

  • What army are you playing with? I’ll assume you’re playing with the Germans, and if that’s the case, all you need is a bunch of SS-Panzergrenadiers, Wehrmacht Snipers and Brummbars. The SS-PzGrs are the bane of most allied infantry builds, having a 5/5 defense, good AI stats and ruthless. Wehrmacht snipers just wreak havoc on infantry at long ranges, and can’t be hit when in cover unless an enemy unit is 0-1 hexes away. And the Brummbar is just nasty against infantry. Also, I’ve found Me-109’s to be good drop in and kill aircraft, able to pick off leaders, bazookas, etc. The Stug III is an awesome addition as well. These are all good Anti-Infantry units. You can’t go wrong with any of them… Also, if you know he’s gonna use an all-infantry build, don’t waste a bunch of points on the big German tanks. Instead use these points on some of the units that are strong against infantyr, like the ones suggested. Another thing-how many points are you using? Good luck.


  • Yea, an all infantry build versus anyone playing Axis would be a turkey hunt… assuming that the Axis player has the units he needs. What units is the Allied player fielding against you? And what units do you have available for Axis that you can choose your units from? Although collecting random boosters is part of the fun of this game, it’s also nice to have some standard units to choose from. So, you might want to consider nabbing some units off of eBay or other online stores that sell singles.

    Heck is correct: you need SS-Panzergrenadiers! You need Brumbars and Stug IIIs for their nasty habit of blowing an entire hex to smithereens, or at least Disrupting everyone in it so that the SS-PG special ability can kick in.

    Also things you might want to list here so people can help you make a better build:
    -How many point games are you  playing with? The standard 100 or bigger?
    -Are you playing standard timed games (7-10 turns) or playing a “last man standing” thing?
    -Are you playing “nation pure” armies, as in historical armies only (ie: Russians can’t team up with Americans, Germans can’t team up with Japanese, etc)?


  • yeah, i only have like two pnzr grenadiers and no aircraft, i have one sniper, and a hole crapload of antitank stuff, that seems to be the only thing i ever pull for axis. we also play with usually a 120 point battle, lastman standing, with historical nation limits, i use mostly german, and he always uses american and british stuff. Whenever i get axis and allies stuff i always get nothing but crap, the best thing i own is either me jagdpanther , or pershing. 😐
    i dont have much in the way of numbers for my germans, its mostly a mechanized force with infantry support, and none of my tanks cept the panzer 2 ausf (f) is even slightly good against infantry.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    I recommend that you get on eBay or one of the online retailers and fill in your missing pieces. The SS-Panzergrenadiers are a bit pricey, $1.50, but worth it.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Some of the advertising retailers on the Google Ads carry A&A Minis singles. Just browse around in the A&A Minis forums until you see an A&A Minis ad.

  • Dont you need a credit card for ebay?

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    That or a checking account.

  • Erm, iut’s also worth noting that the game’s balance goes out the window in “last man standing” in some regards. The game is designed around limited turns, so that’s what is used when models are playtested. It’s alot like Warhammer, where with no limited turns you see some units turn into real monsters. It doesn’t matter how good a unit is: if you only play 7-10 rounds (as per the rules) that monster of a unit can only kill a certain amount of things. But with no objective and no turn cap it just keeps going and going. The game isn’t balanced that way. And game-balance is already shaky in this game sometimes (like in our 300 point games I notice it isn’t as balanced).



  • You might also recall that there is a 15 unit limit, which helps somewhat against infantry.

    SS-Panzergrenadiers, MG 42s, sIG/Brummbars are all useful.

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