• ve found that I often lose Egypt to Germany. As they have the battle ship and transport to build up a force in Africa.
    https://getappvalley.com/ https://tutuappx.com/ https://tweakbox.mobi/
    So if I bought a factory for Egypt I’m not able to build troops fast enough to protect it.

    How to people feel about South Africa? It’s far enough away to build up some troops in Africa before Germany comes. Assuming they don’t take Egypt turn 1 (with a tank surviving). Or if Germany builds a second transport, they will be able to quickly build up more African troops then the UK.

    Say I group up my navy in the Indian Ocean turn 1, so it’s big enough for Japan not to attack it turn 1.

    I then have enough navy to protect South Africa from Japan’s navy for a couple turns till I can build up more forces. Also with the two transports from this navy, you can ferry units to India and Egypt areas quickly.

    One positives of this factory are able to build navy in South Africa, without using any of India’s production (on land based units). Also some games if I don’t build a factory, I find that I’m forced to start building in England. And if the UK navy has been sunk already this can be a problem if Germany has a large air force

    What results have people been getting with this?

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