• Got a cliffside version map and gaming location in denver at an epic yoga space…
    Interviewing players maybe for a small craft keg game but would start with tea drinking…
    Reply if you could mobalize for an epic game and even help with some tables amd promotion and or player networking

  • @babajai
    What are you looking for, players or personal assistants?

  • @Mr-Kell players but adults… Would like to get some cigars and beer and so its an adults only game… You have a phone email ? Have u played w the rocky mountain gamers?

    Lets get a game going w a fun crew.

    Also its good to organize the right people per game… Or pair teams well…

  • @babajai adult gane in planning for midmarch

    Have two potential breweries in boulder and one cigar shop in longmont.

    Seeking to game with producers and community builders who may want to reunite for future games with new people.

    Please send share your contact info tp help us pull this gaming together in this area!

    Our last game was stolen and its veen harder to find epic players tuan event location sponsors.

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