• Hey yall! I saw the other day that a person requested for someone to create a 1940 Global Zombies Variant, so here I am! If you go to quizlet.com and search for the username BigBrotherIsWatchin you can find my flash card set there! Play testing and feed back will be MUCH appreciated.

    The turn order and combat rules are just like AnAnZ except you draw 4 cards instead of 2 each round. This is to compensate for the larger amount of territories. The escalation cards are also buffed to be 4 additional cards rather than 2.

    I am currently working on adding desperate measures to each of the cards.

  • I forgot to mention, zombies need 70 IPCs worth of territories to win.

  • Also, if a zombie spawns in a neutral territory, each time a country’s combat phase begins, the zombies and the neutral territory’s standing army (if any) does 1 round of combat, zombies as the attacker. If used-to-be-neutral zombie territories are liberated by a player, that does not count as an attack towards a Neutral territory, so other neutral territories do not change their alignment to pro-axis/allies.

    Do not forget to do the zombies attack (phase 2) for neutral territories as well.

  • @1940_Fan These are great, thank you for sharing! How do I download these flash cards? Do I have to make a quizlet account?

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