• I know many of you doesn’t use techs in your games, but I was thinking what techs do you prefer for what countries and would you even care to do techs in games where you had the option? (LHTR tech).


  • I believe Technological advantages break the game.  Therefore if you get the tech of your choice, you win.  If you are not successful in getting the tech then you have shorted your production and you lose.

    Why not flip a coin before spending the time to set up the game?  If you call it right, you just saved yourself a good 4 hours of play.

  • You are, imo, right on yout point octo. I have only played with techs in my first two games, we quickly decided that whoever got the heavy bomber would win the game, and theres such a big ipc waste in not getting your fave tech.

    Another thing regarding techs is low luck.
    The dynamics change a lot if you choose to go for DAAKs low luck development rules, this makes for a more balanced progress, where you invest slowly and with increasing odds for getting the tech.
    The daak low luck rules can be found here


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