UK to 10 IPC's?

  • Starting to gain some traction winning as the Allies, however, I think a mild boost to the UK would balance things significantly. The ability to fill 5 transports would give much more punch to the UK. Considering India will almost always fall by at the latest, round 5 against a good Japan player, the UK is in a position where they are unable to do anything other than buy 8 units to fill their transports. Anything else is sub optimal, to put pressure on Germany. Thoughts? Currently Germany can sit in a holding pattern, if they bought well and wait for Japan to get to Moscow, they can laugh at any 8 man landing party, assuming they invested in an Air Force, flexing to where the party lands, wiping them out and moving fighters back into attacking positions, or to defend the capital if needed. The UK can’t even buy bombers, extra ships etc, without detracting from getting boots on the ground. 10 production or even 11 would give the UK the ability to put more troops on the ground, or perhaps buy a defensive or offensive piece per turn to gain some ground. Against inferior competition, this doesn’t matter, half the time they leave Berlin underprotected, it’s mainly against good Axis players where this will give the UK a fighting chance to be relevant.

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    If you have enough money with UK to fill 4 transports you may want to consider 1-2 FTRs + fill 3 transports instead. This lets you slowly-but-surely accumulate a stack of air units for UK that can be staged in West Russia/Moscow with the purpose of picking off small stacks of 1-2 German/Japanese land units in Russian territories. That way, on Russia’s turn, the Soviets don’t have to commit as many units to retaking the now-empty territories. This puts less strain on the Soviet economy, as instead of sending 1-2 INF + air support to retake 1-2 IPC territories, you’re instead just sending 1 INF, or even a TANK while it blitzes to a different territory (or back to the stack, even!). The reduced strain on the Soviets means that they’re free to either make additional attacks/trades, or build up their main stack more quickly. Both make for a stronger Soviet force that will take a longer time for the Axis to break, if they can break it.

    tl;dr your UK navy alone can only hit Norway/Finland/Karelia/Baltic States/Northwestern Europe/France. Adding an airforce on top of that lets you threaten/strafe all of the inland Russian territories (Belorussia/Poland/Ukraine/West Russia) + Moscow’s “back door” (Kazakh/Novosibirsk/Ural/etc.).

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    I’d mention also that in these kinds of situations the Norway factory becomes helpful. Use it to march more troops to Karelia or increase UK air/naval power.

  • Adding 2 income to UK would be a game breaking advantage. UK doesn’t need a stack of units in Europe. Maximize threat with 4 transports and fighters and bombers. This ties up a lot of Germany resources without any battles.

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